How TMS Health Solutions Is Innovating Mental Health Treatment

Mental health issues are a serious problem that affects millions of people across the country. Now, one network of mental health professionals is working together to offer comprehensive psychiatry services. This company, TMS Health Solutions, is committed to bringing quality mental health treatment to those who have struggled to solve their mental illness in the past.


Based in northern California, TMS Health Solutions is led by the top mental health experts and professionals. Each one of the six TMS Health Solutions clinics are staffed with mental health experts dedicated to helping people with treatment-resistant depression. Headed by Dr. Richard Bermudes and Dr. Karl Lanocha, this unique healthcare network is designed to provide comprehensive treatment to each patient from diagnosis to follow-up.


Founded in 2007 by Dr. Richard Bermude, TMS Health Solutions has redesigned mental health treatment by innovating the way people with treatment-resistant depression are treated. Some of the innovations practiced by TMS Therapy Oakland, include transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) as well as telepsychiatry and patient engagement apps, which allow the mental health professionals to stay connected with patients outside of the office.


In addition to the network’s psychiatrists, TMS Health Solutions has a trained group of professional support staffers who help make every patient feel at home during therapy. One of those support teams includes TMS Health Solutions’ Patient Access Team. This group helps patients with insurance and financing matters during the course of treatment.

Another unique aspect of TMS Health Solutions is the attention to detail in every aspect of the patient experience. That includes the actual design of the clinic, right down to the waiting room and reception areas. This calming environment has been shown to positively affect treatment.


Since the outcome of treatment is critical, TMS Health Solutions uses the most sophisticated patient tracking technology available. Using tools such as the PHQ-9 screen, the care team can track and adjust treatment to better fit the patient. This granular attention to detail has not only led to better results but strong patient relationships.


TMS Health Solutions is changing the mental health landscape with innovative new technologies and a dedicated team of experts. By elevating the standards of psychiatric treatment, TMS Health Solutions helping thousands of people led a happier, healthier life.