Highland Capital Management Funds Bush Institute Program

Highland Capital Management recently funded the George W. Bush Presidential Center with $10 million to aid in the Engage at the Bush Center and Boeing Corp. program series. The goal of this program is to help post-9/11 veterans. This is not the first time HCM has funded the center. They have done so every year since 2012. However, this is their biggest commitment in any single year. HCM co-founder and current president, Jim Dondero, says that his company has remained committed to the GWBPC because it has continually impressed them with its initiatives. Dondero believes in the center so strongly that he has agreed to become part of its executive advisory council. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

The first Highland Capital sponsored Engage program is a two-part event organized by the National Constitution Center which they have called “Constitutional Conversations: Justice Scalia’s Memorable Speeches/James Madison & Today’s Media.” While it is completely free, those who wish to attend must first register at bushcenter.org. The first event will feature: 1) an interview with Christopher Scalia, the son of former U.S Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, and author of book of his father’s favorite speeches: “Scalia Speaks: Reflections on Law, Faith, and Life Well Lived”; 2) an expert panel discussion on the current media landscape and speculate what James Madison, the author of the First Amendment, might have thought of it. The discussion will be moderated by Amanda Schnetzer, the Bush Institute Director of Global Initiatives. Read this article at investopedia.com.

Bush has said that the primary goal of the Bush Institute is to help veterans. He has said that he and his wife, Laura, have committed the rest of their lives to aiding these U.S. heroes.

Highland is not the only funding party. Boeing’s input is huge. Boeing CEO, Dennis Muilenburg has said that his company is likewise fully committed to this endeavor. For them, this includes making it a priority to hire veterans to their huge aerospace-based workforce. For the current initiative, Boeing has committed to a contribution of $30 million. This generous philanthropic giving is not new to the company. Just last year that donated more than $50 million dollars to various causes, including science, technology, engineering, and math education endeavors. In 2017 Boeing founded its Global Services Division in Plano, Texas.

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The Ways In Which Agora Financial Helps Average Investors Avoid The Sharks Who Want Their Money

There are a lot of people who want to take your hard earned money when it comes to investing. This includes unscrupulous broker-dealers, the IRS, insurance companies, and bankers among others. People just want to know when, where, and how to invest their money in a way that they profit from doing so, not some other entity. Agora Financial, LLC is a company that provides financial commentary to people so that they can do so.
Agora Financial is an independent company that educates people about investing. They do so through both print and online publications. They also hold international conferences, produce films, and engage with people in other ways. The research they produce is 100% unbiased because they don’t take money from companies in exchange for providing a positive article about them like some other publications do.
Another way that Agora Financial is different is that their researchers don’t just go and sit in an office all day staring at a computer screen. Rather than this they actually travel around the world so that they can truly investigate investing opportunities with their own eyes on the ground. The team at Agora Financial has been everywhere from oil wells in the American Midwest to South African gold mines.
Agora Financial is a privately held company headquartered in Baltimore. The main assets that they focus on are metals, energies, new technologies, and smaller companies that are undervalued by other investors. They publish many financial newsletters including Daily Resource Hunter, Penny Sleuth, Breakthrough Technology Alert, and Technology Profits Confidential among many others.
The largest event that Agora Financial holds each year is in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is a convention that features many speakers who have years of experience in the financial industry. In addition to the speakers they also hold debates and have panel discussions for attendees. Some of the past speakers that have spoken at this event are James Howard Kunstler, Doug Casey, and Steve Forbes. It is called the Agora Financial Investment Symposium.

Dick DeVos and Wife Continue to Fight for Education Reform While Giving Back

Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy, are heirs who never fail to give back to their community. The power couple has been active in their Grand Rapids neighborhood for many years and continues to contribute to the greater good of charity and education reform.


Dick and Betsy are mega-donors to the GOP, which means that they fund many of the political efforts that the party initiates and pushes forward in Washington. Consistent financial contributions and intellectual input over the years have made Dick and his wife quite the influential couple. Of course, these heirs do not only rely on politics to impact their world.


From 1989 to 2015, Dick and Betsy DeVos contributed upwards of $138 million to leadership programs and the arts through their family foundation. Part of that money was also given to local churches as well as health and human service organizations. Education has been at the heart of Dick DeVos and his wife, which is why he and Betsy have worked to provide scholarships to well-deserving youth who want to attend private school but whose parents lack the funds.


The DeVos also contributed a significant amount to local health efforts in 2006. Construction of a $103 million children’s hospital was made possible thanks to Dick and his wife’s $12.5 million donations that came with no strings attached. The Spectrum Health System showed its gratitude to the DeVos by naming the hospital after Dick’s mother, Helen DeVos, who was the wife of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos.


Education reform remains at the heart of every community effort Dick and his wife help make successful. The power couple founded an aviation charter high school at the Grand Rapids International Airport to give young people interested in the industry a head start. In many ways, Dick and Betsy have run with the notion of no child being left behind and pursued everything from vouchers for better schooling to overall improved public education.


Of course, no good deed goes with a challenge or two. Such is the reason why Dick and Betsy have faced much opposition en route to giving kids the same educational opportunities that their children have enjoyed. Many politicians have opposed the Devos’ advocacy for private school vouchers by stating the importance of placing the quality of public schools above such programs. Dick and Betsy, however, have persevered with their vision. The couple’s hard work has certainly paid off with 24 states and the District of Columbia (DC) incorporating voucher programs in their education systems.


Dick and his wife will continue to fight for equality in education until every child, regardless of geographic or family background, has the same opportunities as the next. Learn more:   http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2017/09/dick_devos_tapped_for_faas_top.html

How TMS Health Solutions Is Innovating Mental Health Treatment

Mental health issues are a serious problem that affects millions of people across the country. Now, one network of mental health professionals is working together to offer comprehensive psychiatry services. This company, TMS Health Solutions, is committed to bringing quality mental health treatment to those who have struggled to solve their mental illness in the past.


Based in northern California, TMS Health Solutions is led by the top mental health experts and professionals. Each one of the six TMS Health Solutions clinics are staffed with mental health experts dedicated to helping people with treatment-resistant depression. Headed by Dr. Richard Bermudes and Dr. Karl Lanocha, this unique healthcare network is designed to provide comprehensive treatment to each patient from diagnosis to follow-up.


Founded in 2007 by Dr. Richard Bermude, TMS Health Solutions has redesigned mental health treatment by innovating the way people with treatment-resistant depression are treated. Some of the innovations practiced by TMS Therapy Oakland, include transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) as well as telepsychiatry and patient engagement apps, which allow the mental health professionals to stay connected with patients outside of the office.


In addition to the network’s psychiatrists, TMS Health Solutions has a trained group of professional support staffers who help make every patient feel at home during therapy. One of those support teams includes TMS Health Solutions’ Patient Access Team. This group helps patients with insurance and financing matters during the course of treatment.

Another unique aspect of TMS Health Solutions is the attention to detail in every aspect of the patient experience. That includes the actual design of the clinic, right down to the waiting room and reception areas. This calming environment has been shown to positively affect treatment.


Since the outcome of treatment is critical, TMS Health Solutions uses the most sophisticated patient tracking technology available. Using tools such as the PHQ-9 screen, the care team can track and adjust treatment to better fit the patient. This granular attention to detail has not only led to better results but strong patient relationships.


TMS Health Solutions is changing the mental health landscape with innovative new technologies and a dedicated team of experts. By elevating the standards of psychiatric treatment, TMS Health Solutions helping thousands of people led a happier, healthier life.


Oncotarget Sponsoring Researchers and Making Changes to their Journal

Oncotarget, an online biomedical journal has been rising stronger in its line of work and expanding upon its efforts to deliver more information to its reader base. The Oncotarget journal will be partnering up with a handful of trusted archives and indexes to provide only the most accurate numbers, statistics, and other pieces of information.


The online biomedical journal publishes research in a number of disciplines such as Immunology, Chromosomes, pathology, and many others. The Oncotarget journal has two editors in chief whose names are well-known in the fields of oncology and anti-aging. From the Rowell Park Cancer Institute, based in New York City, Dr. Andrei V. Gudkov has been a par of the editing team since the journal was conceived. Dr. Andrei V. Gudkov has been working in oncology for many decades, and he also specializes in cardiology. Dr. Mikhail Blogoskolnny, Russian scientists, has been doing oncology research for decades in the United States of America. He used to work at the same Roswell Park Cancer Institute but moved on from it in 2016. Learn more about Oncotarget at researchgate.net

Oncotarget is strongly focused on promoting communication and the exchange of ideas among scientists and medical professionals from around the world. Oncotarget awarded four biomedical researchers with the opportunity to attend the conference on Frontiers in Cancer Science 2017. The meeting took place in Singapore, and it was filled with thousands of medical professional and medical scientists.

Visit: https://oncotarget.msubmit.net/cgi-bin/main.plex


The four researchers that received grants to got to the Frontier for Cancer Science 2017 were from the Aligarh Muslim University, the National Institute of Immunology in India, and from the Universty of Torino in Italy. Each of them contributed to the conversation at the large conference. The event lasted a full three days from Nov. 6 to Nov. 8. The supported attendees presented their work in research on topics such as chemoresistance, malignant pleural mesothelioma, Cyclin F, as well as several other topics of discussion.


The Frontier for Cancer Science 2017 was hosted by a number of prominent organizations. Those included the local Genome Institute of Singapore, theInstitute of Molecular and Cell Biology, the Leek Kong Chian School of Medicine and others. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

The Life of Dr. Mark McKenna

This article will give information about Dr. Mark McKenna a Medical Doctor from Atlanta, Georgia. McKenna went to school at Tulane University Medical School and has lined in New Orleans, L.A. He has a Medical Doctor licensed in both Medicine and Surgery. He got it from the Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners.

After the medical training was done Dr. Mark McKenna decided to practice medicine. He did this with his father. At the same time of doing that he launched a company called “McKenna Venture Investments”. This such company is a small real estate development firm.

Dr. Mark McKenna played a great part during the Hurricane Katrina storm. This storm had destroyed New Orleans. In that storm, it destroyed a majority of his business interests. But, he held his head high after the Hurricane. The doctor showed active participation in putting back together New Orleans after the damage. This was through the redeveloping of excessive income housing.

Dr. Mark Mckenna is also very involved in many organizations. For example, he has served before in the New Orleans Industrial Development Board and the New Orleans Jazz Festival as a board member.

In family life, Doctor Mark McKenna and his wife has a daughter named MilanaElle. They also have a pet dog who is a Pomeranian, Ryder and is the age of four. His wife is named Gianine McKenna. The Doctor has a typical schedule he follows that focuses on his family as well. It is a really packed one, too. He begins his day waking up at 6:30 AM and has breakfast with his daughter. He goes to work until six in the evening. Then he comes home to have dinner with his family. But, he doesn’t stop there. He then completes his Jin Jitsu training until nine in the evening. Then he comes home and does even more work until he falls asleep.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smarkmckenna

ECU Fights to Stop Big Money Spending On Political Candidates

In the recent times, the “end citizens united” proponents have been quite busy. The group, which aim to overturn the Citizen United, engage in various strategies to ensure they succeed in the efforts to have the decision by the U.S Supreme court overturned. According to the article published in the Latimes, the ECU, which is a political action committee plans to spend more millions to overturn the Citizens United. The groups aim to spend the money in electing Democrats to support their campaigns towards the finance reforms. The article states that the group already has over 20 targets that it plans to involve in his campaign. These targets would inject more power into the California House, which is currently comprised of vulnerable members.

According to the article, has some of the best opportunities in the land and the group aims to take advantage of these opportunities to see through their plans. The article also mentions that the group has recorded some success in the past leading to the ongoing investigations against Hunter and the increased contributions from telecom firms that the group has received in the recent past. The group that was in 2015 has already spent over $25 million to have its democratic supporters elected to the California House. The independent voters would receive high priority from the group to help it carry out its plans successfully.

About End Citizens United (ECU)

End Citizens United is categorized as a political action committee, which works tirelessly to have the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United overturned. The group operates as a grassroots PAC funded by donors whose main objective is to elect pro-reformers who can help it overturn the decision of the Citizens United. Through these leaders, the group hopes to drive out big money spending from the U.S political arena. The decision was reached in the Citizens United V. Federal Election Commission in 2010.

The decision deregulated the limits placed on the maximum amount of contribution that a group can donate to the political candidates. The decision by the Supreme Court meant that organizations could contribute any amount of money to a political party candidate. The ECU group seeks to drive out the huge spending in politics and have leaders who are conscious to the finance reforms.Upon identification of these candidates, the group contribute and raise money for them while also running parallel expenditures for them. Since its inception in 2015, the group fully participated in the 2016 elections managing to raise over $ 25 million. Among the candidates endorsed by the group in the past, including Hillary Clinton, Zephyr Teachout, Russ Feingold, Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke, and Jon Ossoff. The group was very instrumental in the election of senators Catherine Cortez and Maggie Hassan during the election of 2016.

Source The End Citizens United: www.indeed.com/q-End-Citizens-United-jobs.html

Desiree Perez Gets Billboard Recognition for Her Work

There are a lot of people that are looking at what Desiree Perez is doing in the entertainment industry, and they are quite impressed. Perez has become someone that is well known as a true leader when it comes to any type of business venture that Jay-Z is a part of. She has made it possible for people to really get a look at what she is doing as a business leader with things that Jay-Z has created.

When Jay-Z started Roc Nation he had no idea exactly how he will be able to take this business to another level. Inside of The Roc Nation platform there is a Roc Nation entertainment and Roc Nation Sports division.

Desiree Perez has quietly become one of the Billboard Woman of the Year when it comes to what she is help Jay-Z do with both of these business platforms. She is in charge at Roc Nation Entertainment, and she has helped Jay-Z negotiate many contracts for athletes with Roc Nation Sports.

She has even had a great hand in negotiating deals for concerts when it comes to the Tidal music platform. All of these are things that she has been able to really excel in because Jay-Z has given her so much freedom. She is able to do a lot of different things because she has a lot of experience when it comes to negotiating contracts.

Perez has been a Super Force when it comes to working in multiple business ventures. Her experience is growing even more as the Roc Nation roster expands. There are so many new artists that are coming under this label, and Desiree Perez is doing her very best to help these artists build a better connection to fans. Billboard has recognized all of her hard work in entertainment

Equities First Holdings UK

Equities Financial is a professional way to obtain a stock-based loan. If you are facing a financial crisis, the lending company can be there provide you with the capital you need. With a reputation to provide low-rate loans, we ensure that you will get the cash that you qualify for.


Equities Financial is a safe and secure way to apply for a loan. Many of the borrowers are glad, they qualified for a loan to help them with financial relief. It’s a strategic way, to help relief financial woes. It’s also a place to invest and build equity for a bright future.

Agora Financial Protect Your Money with Sound Financial Advice

The primary aim of people these days is not only to earn their money but also to invest it wisely. It is where the need for the people to become financially literate comes in. If people are not aware of the investment options available in the market, they would not be able to make an informed and educated decision regarding their money.

Thus, it is essential for the people to take their investment and finance based advice from a trusted source. Agora Financial has been around for nearly four decades and is one of the most credible sources of financial information out there. As a publishing house, Agora Financial has grown over the years and has over twenty publications related to different industries that the readers can choose from as per their interest.

Agora Financial provides the readers with the news they can use to make their financial decisions. The fact that Agora Financial has a subscriber base of over a million readers speaks a lot about the company. The readers don’t have a hard time understanding what the publications of Agora Financial say because it is in easy to understand language. The reporters of Agora Financial doesn’t sit back at the office all day to gather information from third party sources and base their information on that but actually, travel the world to collect firsthand news and scoops from various industries. It helps in making the market predictions in advance and ensuring that the readers get the data they need to invest their money wisely.

Agora Financial doesn’t accept money from any third party to provide false information to its readers. It is one of the main reasons why Agora Financial is currently one of the most trusted finance based publication in the United States. The company helps its readers to invest wisely and protect their money.

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