How AI is Beneficial to A/B Testing

If you are one of those people who test software applications for a living, you may be interested in knowing what is coming down the pike in the future. Since the world of technology is using everything that is available, the sky is no longer the limit in what can be done. This is especially true when it comes to artificial intelligence and what can be done to simulate and perfect what humans can do. As far as the world of testing software applications, AI is expected to go in with a bang.

With this mind, one of the top questions that many of today’s professional testers have on their mind is, how can AI benefit A/B Testing? So, here are 3 benefits that this industry is expecting.

  1. Frees up Resources

One of the first things that you should know is Artificial Intelligence is used for a number of different reasons. Some companies are using its expertise to analyze data so that it can be used to make decisions. However, analyzing data is not the only use for AI. This is especially true for those technical specialists that have already recognized this technology’s contribution to the testing industry. For example, because A/B testing requires testing two different versions of a new app instead of one, it normally takes double the time to perform the same user testing on both sides. Therefore, the possibilities of needing additional resources are much more likely. However, when AI steps into this type of testing, the organization can free up these resources for other functions. Specifically, since the double testing or split testing scenarios can be performed by AI with a very high amount of accuracy.

  1. Saves Money in Paying for Additional IT Resources

With humans involved in A/B testing, it normally takes twice the time to perform the testing scenarios in order to get the best and accurate results. Therefore, when these resources are paid internally within the business or externally via a third party tech company, the cost of these resources are often much higher. However, when a company has access to AI A/B testing, the organization can save money. This is because the human resources will no longer need to be paid.

  1. Accuracy Increased

Another benefit of AI and A/B testing is increased accuracy. Because AI can be programmed to complete a variety of different test scenarios, the job can be done with quite a bit more accuracy. This is especially true when the results can be recorded exactly as they occurred with no variance in the actual results.