CEO Rick Smith Is Evolving Securus Technologies With His Strong Work Experience

Rick Smith has worked in communications for many years and is currently the President and CEO of Securus Technologies. Rick started his Technological career more than twenty years ago employed at Frontier Corporation, working his way up the promotion ladder eventually becoming the Vice President of financial management. It was at Frontier that Mr. Smith would hone his leadership skills, working several different positions to gain work experience.Mr. Smith left Frontier Corp. in 1998 to work as the chief financial officer for Eschelon Telecom Inc. Rick worked in this position for nearly two years and then started working in duel roles for Echelon Telecom Inc. In the year 1999 Rick became the Chief Operating Officer.

A position Rick would hold until 2003 while he performed other management positions at the same time. In the year 2000 Rick was promoted to President of Eschelon Telecom Inc. while remaining the Chief Operating Officer. Rick would hold both positions until he is promoted to Chief Executive Officer in 2003.Mr. Smith has been with his current company since 2008, where he has held multiple positions be becoming the President and CEO of Securus Technologies. This position has been a good fit for Mr. Smith’s electrical engineering and technology background. Rick is a multiple college degree holder with a strong tech background, which is why Securus Technologies is such a good fit for Rick.

Mr. Smith has stated that Securus receives many letters every week regarding the safety and security software that Mr. Smith and his staff create and update on a weekly basis.Most of the letters praise the newer voice recognition technology, which allows investigators the chance to pattern one voice over multiple conversations with different persons of interest. Other customers have praised the customer service department for their fast actions and professionalism when dealing with time sensitive materials. Mr. Smith takes pride in what Securus Technologies has achieved and promises to continue the vision of Securus Technologies keeping inmates, families, and public buildings safe and secure. Under Mr. Smith’s direction Securus has patented more safety and security technology than any other inmates communications company. To read more about Mr. Smith, please click here.