Mighty Fortress Church and Others

Next time you’re in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a visit to Mighty Fortress Church will be more than worth your time. They are a church that focuses on making the Bible applicable to modern day living. They welcome people from all backgrounds and express the importance of getting to know Christ better regardless of your religious background.

Mighty Fortress Church encourages people to come as they are. They stress laid-back and welcoming services over inaccessible and impersonal tradition and ceremony. The church prides itself on the home it has built for many people and how they have seen the Word of God change lives.

Their lead pastor Bishop Thomas Williams believes in the power of the Bible to address the struggles in our world today such as rebellion, racism, injustice, and poverty. He believes that he has been called to build a bridge between those who feel like they have insurmountable differences and by doing so, he can call people to follow Christ.

There are several other churches throughout Minnesota. Stella Marie Chapel is located in Collegeville, Minnesota. It’s only accessible by hiking or canoeing because it’s located on the tip of a peninsula. It was built by the Benedictine Monks in 1915 and features stunning Gothic-style architecture. The church reflects against the lake and makes for a stunning phot and a stunning day-trip.

The Church of St. Columba located in St. Paul is a little different from the Stella Marie Chapel. This one features unusual Art Deco/Moderne and French Norman-style architecture with a round concrete steeple that stands on the severe edge of a squared-off chapel. Built in 1950, it’s still a popular choice among churchgoers in St. Paul.

Still different from the other churches listed here, St. John’s Abbey Church is located in Collegeville. If The Church of St. Columba is modern, St. John’s Abbey Church is futuristic. The church features a 118-foot tall bell tower with a cross carved in the center. Behind it is a massive honeycomb design stain-glassed window; one of the largest in the world. This church certainly stands out on the streets of Collegeville.

The Career Path of Logan Stout

A successful entrepreneur, Logan Stout works at IDLife where he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer. In the past, he has managed to establish many different businesses that have gone on to succeed. Since he was young, Logan Stout was always about health and wellness. A former basketball player, he played in the World Series and accomplished a lot at that time of his career. IDLife was established in May 2014 and has ever since been selling its products via multilevel marketing. Logan Stout attributes his success with IDLife to outstanding business and leadership skills. He has led the company to achieve tremendous success and growth since he assumed leadership.

Born and raised up in Richardson, Logan Stout attended the Pearce High School. While in high school, Logan participated in Student Athletic Council and managed to make some significant accomplishments. He is a graduate from the University of Dallas where he acquired his bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Logan Stout also attended Panola where he got his degree in business. Immediately after graduating, Logan Stout entered into professional basketball and was later featured in approximately 17 World Series games. His career is both as a coach and player. Logan also served as the Youth Minister at the Dallas Baptist University.

Logan Stout has committed himself to a number of mentorship programs that normally enable the young people to grow their skills in various fields. He established the Dallas Patriots due to his passion. Dallas Patriots is known as one of the top baseball foundations in the world. The organization is aimed at inspiring the youth and allowing them access to baseball training. The specialty of Dallas Patriots is in baseball clinics, customized classes as well as baseball camps.

IDLife is committed to the supply of products that are high-quality such as shakes, sleep strips and weight management pills. The company has also devoted itself to providing its customers with personalized products meant to suit their unique needs. It applies a multi-level marketing program when it comes to distributing its products across the United States. IDLife hopes to be the leaders when it comes to the supplements and vitamins industry.

IDLife Social Media: www.youtube.com/user/IDLifeOfficial

Rodrigo Terpins: The Legendary Brazilian Rally Driver

Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian rally driver and the brother to Michel Terpins, another renowned rally driver. Born in a sporting family, his passion for sport and speed came at an early age. His father, Jack Terpins, was a legendary basketball player as well as the president of the Maccabi Latin American Confederation and the Latin America Jewish Council. This strong family background is part of the reason Terpins was inspired to pursue a career in rally driving. He later became a household name in championships all across Brazil.

The Bull Sertoes Rally

Rodrigo currently races for the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally. His talented brother, Michel Terpins, is also a member of this rally. The rally features seasoned racers each edition. To participate in the Sertoes Rally, a driver should have determination, dedication, prowess, and excellent equipment, all of which Rodrigo possesses. Rodrigo is a driver in the T1 prototypes. Rodrigo and Fabricio Bianchini, his team mate, came in 3rd in the T1 prototype and were ranked 8th out of 38 drivers in the 22nd edition of the contest.

During the race, Rodrigo confessed how they were focused on being cautious and adapting to the car. Rodrigo Terpins also noted how the results of the race exceeded his expectations. His brother was unable to complete the race because his vehicle overturned. This 22nd edition rally covers a stretch of 2600 kilometers in two states and has seven stages. This was the largest off-road race in Brazil attracting a great number of sponsors, spectators, and rally drivers.

Other Contests

Rodrigo has raced in more than five Sertoes rally championships. He drives a T-Rex, a product by MEM Motorsport. Apart from the Sertoes, Rodrigo has participated in many other rallies in Brazil. In 2011, he raced in the Mitsubishi Cup Championship. In the L200 Triton RS Handicap category, Rodrigo and his team mate, Kaique Bentivoglio came in second with 204 points. You can visit his Facebook page to see more.

The commendable work of George Soros in Philanthropy


The world’s richest people take a lot of pride in philanthropy. The act of helping people with their problems and seeing them succeed comes with a feeling of accomplishment. Other rich billionaires work hard to ensure that the society is a better place. George Soros is one of the charity workers who look at the situation of the world and gives out help where necessary. There are different forms of assistance that people need all over the world. Giving out money directly in helping the situations may not be the best decision all the times and read full article.

The unique works of Soros

George Soros appears to be the only charity worker who has contributed a total of $12 billion to charity work. His contributions are out of heartfelt situations that could not be avoided. According to Forbes, Soros appears to be one of the people to contribute the most to the ideas in which he believes and more information click here. One interesting thing with the investor is that he first expresses his dissatisfaction with a situation. He then looks at the consequences of the choices. Depending on the depth of the choices made, Soros takes an appropriate action that would help in either eradicating its influence or the entire problem. He supports the solutions of the problems from the cause and what George Soros knows.

Supporting the community

George Soros has been applauded for his good work in trying to make the society a better place. A unique thing about the investor is that he does not mind losing all his investments as long as he puts them to the right use. In the South African apartheid, many people were affected. The African students could not be schooled inside their country, and this became a huge problem in the country and learn mora about George Soros. Having studied the situation, George Soros decided to help with the investment in education. He used several millions of dollars to secure scholarship opportunities for African students. He desired that they would proceed with their education so that they would impart a positive influence in the society. With the state of apartheid, there was a little that the individuals could do for themselves. Soros parted with a huge part of his investments to ensure that quality education was guaranteed and Georeg Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Supporting the minority

Refugees, women, people living with a disability, and the LGBT groups have always suffered in the hands of the majority on different levels. The fact that the majority did not share the feelings and the experiences of the minority pushed them to handle their situations with little care. George Soros developed a soft spot for these individuals. He has financed their activities and ensured that they stay safe from public attacks. Soros has equally made sure that people get equal treatment in the society for the sake of unity and fairness and Follow him at Twitter,com.

More Visit: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros

21st Century Cancer Awareness Through Multiple Avenues

The fight against cancer has been a long, grueling process throughout the years. Among men, prostate cancer is actually the most common form of cancer. Creating awareness is the key to help cut down on new cases. The National Treatment Centers of America has teamed up with the National Football League Alumni Association and LabCorp for the greater good of mankind. These three progressive thinking powerhouses are creating awareness, are providing education and are increasing access to screenings. Men who are at least 40 years old and can meet the specific criteria can sign up to receive Prostate Specific Antigen screenings between Sept. 1 through Oct. 15. The American Cancer Society predicts that over 160,000 men will be diagnosed this year alone. That’s equal to one in every seven men.

African-Americans are at a higher risk than other races of men. The numbers state that there is a 70 percent likelihood for these men to develop this disease. All testing will go through LabCorp since this company provides world-class health & diagnostic solutions. The NFL Alumni Association is forward thinking also as former players, coaches, cheerleaders and staffers will assist and inform other players. Leading a healthy life is the end goal and the (NFLA) will offer numerous financial, medical and social programs.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America specializes in serving adult cancer patients. The organization’s headquarters is in Boca Raton, Florida, but it has a network of five hospitals across the nation in:

  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Tulsa
  • Phoenix
  • Philadelphia

The (CTCA) uses conventional approaches such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation to fight cancer. The organization was founded back in 1988 by Richard J. Stephenson, and it has grown dramatically over the years thanks to its progressive approach to fighting cancer.

Freedom Financial: How to Gain Financial Freedom

Freedom Debt Relief is possible. The Freedom Financial Network is all about freeing people from the choke-hold of extreme debt for over 400,000 customers. Customers get a free evaluation on which loans to choose. Freedom Financial Asset Management is another product offered by Freedom Financial. FreedomPlus is a by invitation only product offering unsecured debt consolidation product.

Freedom Financial Network comes from a start-up to growing to a large company, gaining recognition, becoming an established leader, and finally setting goals with thousands of teammates. Freedom Financial hires for underwriting, data entry, customer service, negotiations and marketing data analysis.

Added to current financial stress is the way Equifax got hacked. Hackers accessed private data such as Social Security numbers, birth dates, and addresses, information that belonged to 143 million Americans. You can register for free credit reporting and credit monitoring on Equifax.

A credit freeze is optional to place with your credit cards so nobody can use it. Reviewing your credit for free is also possible by contacting each credit bureau individually. It is also important to check your bank and credit accounts for unauthorized activity. Reporting suspicious account activity is also necessary as is canceling your credit card and issuing a new one. Click here to know more.

Prevent scammers from using your information by shredding documents with your personal information on it. Do not give any information to random people who call you on top of that. Scammers have many ways of getting information from an innocent person. Children do not have credit records. You need to check their credit when they reach their teens. Criminals wait until after the new year to file taxes early, claiming your refund as their own. You do not have to be a helpless victim of identity fraud.


Omar Yunes Bags World’s Best Franchisee Award

Omar Yunes, a top Sushi Otto franchisee, emerged as the winner in a ceremony seeking to find the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW). Omar Yunes scooped the award due to his immense contribution to Sushi Otto. The awards took place on December 5, 2015 in the city of Florence, Italy. Omar started off as a franchisee with the brand at the age of 21 and so far has upped that number to 13 units found in Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico City. His stake alone makes up about 10% of all the total units that the brand owns.


Omar Yunes expressed his huge delight at winning the accolade. He quickly added that he was just acting as a representative of his units as in actual sense the award belongs to the over 400 employees employed in his units. He also dedicated the award to Sushi Otto for granting him the freedom to innovate. The CEO of Sushi Otto, Benjamin Cancelmo, stated that the awards were important as they manifest the joint efforts of both parties in offering customers a unique hospitality, remarkable flavor and great service.

Diego Elizarrarras, BFW Mexico organizer, stated that Omar Yunes emerged as the winner due to the important role he played in the whole franchising-franchise correlation. He achieved a greater information management system. Omar also implemented control boards that have helped in having better and clear measurements for every unit.

Other Winners

Ivan Tamer, a Prendamex franchisee emerged as number two in the Mexican division. This was due to their implementation as well as tools provision to come up with a fresh marketing system that is currently used to run the pawnshops network. Ivan Tamer has contributed a lot in the franchise development and started parameters that remain unique in the network.

About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is the son of Miguel Angel Yunes, a Mexican politician. Omar is a successful businessman with interests in restaurants through the franchise of Sushi Otto and in real estate. He made his mark in the entrepreneurial world in 2011 after he invested around 34 million pesos to buy properties and various developments based in Polanco, Mexico City.

Visit his website: http://omaryunessays.com/

Why Aloha Construction is a go-to Company for all your Home Repair Needs

Aloha Construction, Inc. is a successful family-held and managed local company that operates in all of Illinois and southern Wisconsin. The company has grown from just a small family venture into an industry with impressive track record.

Why Should you Choose Aloha Construction

• Team of Specialists

It boasts field inspectors, supervisors, office team, claim specialists, and installers who have all collaborated with each other and witnessed the successful completion of over 7000 local ventures. Aloha Construction has bonded and trusted roofers who are capable of undertaking local roofing, flashing, and repair damaged shingles. Aside from roofing services, the experts are an impeccable fit for revamping and remodeling homes.

1. Time Management and Quality Work

Time management is a key factor when selecting an ideal contractor. For this reason, Aloha Construction ensures that clients get the desired services in time. Aside from timely completion of project in question, the company ensures that it stacks up against its competition by offering high-quality services and cleaning up after the work is done.

2. Customer Follow Up

The team at Aloha ensures that it follows up on all their customers to make sure that they are satisfied with the services rendered. This endeavor allows the company to gain customer feedback.

3. All-Round Business

Aloha Construction is readily available to handle varying home repair needs, whether minor or major. Here are some of the services that it offers:

• Window Replacement

In this case, Aloha professionals can install a new window regardless of its make. They can also handle repair, replacement, and installation services of multiple screens on your windows.

• Siding

Aloha Construction has experts who are trained and experienced in repairing, replacing or installing the siding of your home. For more info about us: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/aloha-construction-2 click here.

• Roofing

Aloha relies on its 9-step inspection process to determine the condition of your roof before repairing. This process helps to determine the extent of damage, especially of the shingles.

• Gutter

To prevent water from stagnating around your home after a downpour, Aloha offers quality gutter elbows, miters and guards to avert such a problem.

Julia Jackson: Revamping The Art of Winemaking

Julia JacksonWinemaking is truly an art form. Many people think of it as just a simple process of picking grapes from a vine. If it were that simple then everyone would be producing this flavorfully rich beverage. Winemaking does require the selecting and storing of grapes, but there are many other important factors. The soil, the region’s climate and the growing conditions play a vital role in producing quality grapes. Who’s better to understand the process of vinification more so than Julia Jackson? This remarkable woman is the proprietor of Jackson Family Wines. This company has been in business since 1982, and it has flourished thanks to its variety of wines. Founded by the late Jess Jackson, he instilled in his family a sense of purpose and hard work.Julia is just one of many siblings, and they all had to earn their place within the business. This came from working long hours in the fields of the Pacific Northwest.Julia Jackson

As a child, Julia would have to sort and pick grapes with her siblings, but who knew that this would manifest into a full-fledged career. Julia has attended Stanford University as well as Scripps College. While working in one of the family’s wineries in France, Julia began to get a better appreciation of the winemaking process. This is when her passion truly took over as she began to learn all about the business, and its many divisions.With such success, she is operating her very own nonprofit organization. Cambria Seeds of Empowerment celebrates female leadership and ambition. Jackson Family Wines also benefits from Julia’s work as she designs the company website, and she designs the art of the bottles. Clone 4 Chardonnay is very popular as it has the perfect balance of acidity and fruit flavoring. Julia Jackson’s talent can’t be denied, and her love for winemaking can’t be discredited.

Richard Mishaan; Design a World Leader in Interior Design

Richard Mishaan Design is a world recognized leader in interior design and landscape architecture. Mr. Mishaan founded the firm in the year 1991. Mr. Mishaan is as well one of the principal designers in the company. The company has over twenty years of experience of creating timeless and ingenious interiors in the design industry. Mishaan Design is excellent, flawless and artistic. Mishaan Design has a diverse range of clients, including commercial and industries. Mishaan Design is recognized internationally as the producer of highly innovative designs for prominent projects globally. The Mishaan interior design headquarters in New York.Richard Mishaan Design is the world best architects and designers.

The Richard Mishaan interior design and architecture taste is unbelievably unique and charming.Richard Mishaan Design is the best choice for the creation of a beautiful house.Mr. Mishaan has featured consistently in numerous magazines including Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, and Interior Design Magazines. Richard Mishaan Design is a reputable company for creation of an advanced, luxurious and a stylish resort and home internal designs. Mishaan Design firm has collaborated with several world famous interior works including the trump world towers and Shelbourne hotel.Richard Mishaan is a Columbian partly raised in Italy. He joined the University of Columbia and attained a degree in architecture.

Later in the year 1978, Richard Mishaan moved to New York City where he acquired a bachelor’s degree in Arts from the University of New York. Richard started his career at Philip Johnson organization as an assistant in interior design, style, and structure field. Richard Mishaan acknowledges his passion for interior style and inspiration from his childhood remembrances of the compelling nature of Colombia. Mr. Richard Mishaan is also a prolific writer. He contributed in writing insightful books including Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern both published by the Monacelli Press.