Securus Technologies Helping Solve Cold Cases

When me and my crime scene investigators are trying to close a case, we have to use every resource available. This month we were given a cold case that needed to be closed for good before every witness and all the evidence was gone forever. While we had no solid new leads, we knew that if we continues to push the issue, that one person who saw something could come forward and help us to finally put an end to this cold case.


We were days from having to give up, when my superiors gave my team another assignment that we needed to work simultaneously. This case involved heading to the local prison to interview suspects who were in bars to see if they could help provide information that would lead us to a suspect on the run. While we were working the inmates, one of the corrections officers was commenting about how they just discovered a huge stash of drugs using the inmate call monitoring system. Once I listened about how the system and new software worked, I came up with an idea on how to solve our cold case.


Securus Technologies has call monitoring systems in thousands of prisons, and the company objective is simple, making the world safe for everyone. The CEO of Securus Technologies says his employees are willing to help, and we had them explain to us how we could input our cold case details to see if anyone in the jail knew anything they were not sharing.


What we discovered was that one inmate knew something, but he didn’t even realize he was the key to solving this case. He was talking to his family about getting him drugs, when he mentioned particulars about our case only the suspect could have known. Turns out he was in jail all along on another charge.