Spotlight on the Construcap Company

Construcap is a Brazilian company that is involved in the construction and engineering works in various commercial infrastructure and buildings. Construcap Group is made of several companies that include Minas Arena – Sports Facilities Management S/A, Construcap CCPS Engenharia e Comercio and the Concert of Concession Road Juiz de Fora – Rio. The Construca CCPS is based in the Eldorado Business Tower Building, Sao Paulo. In 2010, the Minas Arena was established and it was mandated with the responsibility of supervising investments and the full completion of the renovation and modernization works in the Mineirao Sports Complex, Belo Horizonte. Concert of Concession Road was set up in 1995 and was tasked with the responsibility of taking care of the rising demand witnessed in the logistics and transport sectors on

Projects Undertaken

In 2014, Inova Health Company was established to oversee equipment supply, construction, management and maintenance of non-care services, equipment supply in Sao Paulo State in the three hospital complexes. There are three hospitals on that ought to be constructed and they include Sao Paulo (218 beds), Sao Jose dos Campos (158 beds) and Sorocaba (250 beds). The three hospitals are expected to be completed at different time intervals with the Sorocaba Hospital expected to take 30 months, Sao Paulo 36 months and Sao Hose dos Campos 30 months. The non-care services management term ought to last for 17 years. The Construcap Company got an important role to play in the project design, investment, construction and the operation in general of the Mineirao Stadium (Minas Arena).

About Construcap

Construcap is ranked among the top ten biggest construction companies based in Brazil. The company is founded on a kind of management that aims at ensuring continuous development of both processes and people as well as its commitment to serve its clients. It has an affinity to developing environmental friendly and sustainable projects. It works in the private and public markets in the infrastructure, energy and buildings segment. The company offers processes that are certified by ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

Engineers Caio Luiz Pereira and Henrique Pegado formed the Construtora Pereira de Souza in 1944. In 1955 another group of five engineers founded the Construcap Engineering on YouTube. These two companies later merged forming the present Construcap CCPS Engenharia e Coomico in 1972.

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