Mike Baur Strives To Make An Impact

Personal success is extremely satisfying. It feels good to enjoy the fruits of labor after a long hard journey. It takes years to work up to a top level position in a large organization. There is more difficulty involved in creating such an organization. Mike Baur has experienced both types of business achievements. Now he has found fulfillment in developing the potential in others. Mike has come to understand that sharing knowledge is the most powerful way to bring change to a community of people. Investing in the areas that business is done creates a foundation for a healthy operating culture.

Mike Baur began his career in private banking. He worked for the largest banks in Switzerland for 20 years. His entrepreneurial spirit would soon rise to the forefront. Mike ventured out on his own and at the age of 39 founded the Swiss Startup Factory. The Swiss Startup Factory is a business that builds businesses. Its accelerator program provides the support and education needed for startup companies to survive through the beginning stages of launching an enterprise.

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The first years for a start-up are by far the toughest. Some lessons can only be learned through experience. These lessons cost time and money. Unprepared young companies often fall way behind when running into these early roadblocks. Mike uses his expertise in finance to instruct new CEOs on managing their resources and assets through this critical time.

The Swiss Startup Factory is the number one accelerator program of its kind in the country. It is conveniently located with classrooms that are equipped with all of the features a startup company would need to open doors for business. The 3-month program involves lectures and hands on tutoring. It is important to be engaged with each participant to ensure a thorough understanding of the methods needed to be successful.

Mike Baur invests his time and his resources into assisting young entrepreneurs and developing new business concepts. His program includes specific aspects such as bookkeeping, financial health reports, payroll management, tax reports, invoice management and cash flow reports. These detailed elements provide a young company with a blueprint for future success. Information such as this also paints a clear picture of the habits that led to past failures. The team at the Swiss Startup Factory instructs young business leaders on how to apply these tools and avoid the common pitfalls within their industries.

Mike Baur earned MBA’s from Bern University and the University of Rochester New York.