Thinking Outside the Box Made Evolution of Smooth an Instant Hit

Very few start-up companies have the courage to go up against leading brands that have been around for decades. The founders of Evolution of Smooth ( not only decided to take on the big brands, but they did it in a way that actually made their product gain more recognition. Business associates Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller decided to join in an effort to penetrate the oral care industry with an innovative product for lips. They felt the industry was ready for a new type of lip balm since the products currently available had been around for decades with no change to their makeup or design.

Stepping Outside the Box

The first thing these two business associates noticed was the way EOS lip balm was packaged. There were only two major brands in the lip balm market, both of which used the same type of cylindrical tube to encase their product. This gave them the idea of creating a new type of package that would instantly draw attention to their product. Instead of using the standard tube to hold their lip balm, they created a round orb. This little sphere actually fit perfectly inside the palm of the hand and resembled the type of packaging often used for beauty products. Choosing to appeal to the emotional side of women, Mehra and Teller made their spheres available in an array of appealing colors.

In an online article Sanjiv Mehra discusses the methods they used to determine the best type of packaging and product for retail sale. They conducted a study group with a panel of women who provided them with the type of feedback needed to ensure the success of their new lip balm. The appealing flavors of the lip balm combined with the captivating shades of the orb made their eBay sold product an instant hit.



Marc Sparks: Always Moving Forward

A lot of entrepreneurs are actually serial entrepreneurs. For one thing, they have started not just one business, but several successful businesses. One of the serial entrepreneurs is Marc Sparks. He is someone who has always looked for ways to be successful.

Marc has not only started a few successful businesses, but he has also wrote a few books that helped people in their journey to success. Among the topics that he has touched on is dealing with discouragement, trials and event opposition. For one thing, Marc has dealt with all of the typical aspects of the journey towards success.

There are many reasons that entrepreneurs start more than one business. One of them is that they want to make sure that they have the formula down. One of the more common reasons for starting a series of successful business is that people often have multiple interests.

Therefore, they often want to address these interests in his career. Often times, these interests are not that compatible. At the same time, some businesses are started as companion business. Often times they work together to bring about greater success to the individual. One thing that could be said about being an entrepreneur is that there is a lot of room for creativity.

Wikipedia states that one of the types of industries that Marc Sparks is involved in is telecommunications. This is one of the more important industries in that it helps connect people together. Marc also carries a generous heart.

For one thing, he believes that one of the important aspects of wealth is that he is able to share it with others. He is not one of the people that will acquire the wealth for himself. He wins the battle for others. This is one of the reasons that he is not only successful, but also helping others in their pursuits for their own success.

Be Vigilant With Online Reputation

For one to protect his own reputation, it is important for him to keep up with every mention of his brand. While this may sound very tiring and extreme, it is also important because the success of an individual depends on the reputation of him and his company brand. Also, one does not have to try to track everything all the time. However, it is important that every mention of the brand is known about so that the company owner is able to find any potential damages to his brand. After all, it is easy for someone to say something and it causes a ripple effect that brings his company down.

The task of checking every site and forum for each mention of the brand is actually impossible. This is why there are tools that are available for the user to use. When one uses a tool, then he will be notified of every mention from every website without him having to look for every conversation. For one thing, a mention of his brand can appear anywhere. It could also show up in discussions that are not relevant to the brand. For one thing, someone may feel the need to mention the brand for various reasons.

With the tools for online Reputation Defender, every mention of the brand will be brought to the user. This will help the user or business owner be proactive in his reputation management. If there is a legitimate concern that is brought up to the public, then it is important for the business owner to address the concern so that the public will be happy including the one who brought up the concerned. Once there is enough said to alleviate the concerns of the public, then everyone will likely be happier including the business owner.


The Success Journey of Malini Saba and Her Investments

Malini Saba is a living testimony that someone can grow from nothing to become something or from grass to grace. This statement is true since Malini started very small many years back and became very successful in the investment world in the US.


Looking back at the life of Malini, she originated from Malaysia to the US at the age of nineteen. She came from a middle-class family. Malini arrived in the US with only $200 and thus depended on her former husband. At this time, her husband was attending Stanford University. Malini decided to join him at the University where she enrolled in finance and investment classes.


It is during this time that she sought investment advice from the professional in this school. After getting the revenant advice and completing her classes at the university, she ventured into her first investment using her savings. This was the beginning of her success in the investment world.


Currently, Saba Malini is one of the most successful investors in the US. The need and passion to understand the financial world is the reason for immense prosperity. In addition, Malini owns an investment company that invests in assets in almost every part of the world. Notably, she invests in the technology companies in the US, oil in China as well as real estate in Australia and India.


Malini Saba is the acting chair of Saban, which is her investment company. In addition to Saban, she invests in other organizations that include Sycamore Networks, PayPal, and Netscreen Technologies.

The success of Malini has influenced various individuals in the society.


She is a great philanthropist as she organized a program in 2001 to help poor women to reconstruct and upgrade their lifestyles. Moreover, after the tsunami disaster, she was at the forefront in offering aid to the affected individuals. He donated a whopping $1million to help in the construction of a hospital that would take care of the patients with heart problems. Moreover, she visited the tsunami victims in India and donated $10 to the victims to help them rebuild their lives.


About Malini Saba


She is a mother and has a cordial relationship with her daughter. She is an early bird as she wakes at 5 am in the morning. Her company has many branches in the US and Europe. Every day she juggles between meetings and taking of her daughter.


Looking at the journey of her success, Malini Saba is entirely self-made, and she is very proud about that. Moreover, Malini is a good timekeeper and very good in predicting the market trends.