The Life And Career Of Mr. Flavio Maluf


There is one name you cannot miss to hear in the business circles of Brazil, Flavio Maluf. Flavio is an established Brazilian business tycoon. He is also an engineer and the current CEO of Eucatex, according to LinkedIn. He was born in 1961 attended New York and San Paulo for his law, business and engineering courses. From a tender age, Maluf worked extra hard, and this paid off when he was appointed the President of GrandFood Group while still studying.



Working For Eucatex



After his temporary stay in New York, Flavio returned home to be a part of his family business empire. Although he had no experience, he did everything possible to what he is now, a leading world entrepreneur. He assumed an executive role at the company and ventured in industrial trading for more partnerships and opportunities. Eucatex still operates on the same foundations Flavio established. He became the president of the business and is the brain behind the industrial plant launch in 2010.



Eucatex is the first Brazilian cooperation with the focus on environmental welfare and responsibility. The company was established in 1951 with the goal of reproducing eucalyptus to make ceiling panels and tiles. It is a leading name in the construction and furniture sector. He is an insightful businessman, and as such he seems to utilize energy in creative innovations. He has invested heavily in the new environment-friendly products.



Personal And Family Life



Without a doubt, Flavio has made it in the world of business; however, he also has a happy family profile. He has a wife Jacqueline Torres and three children. Also, he is a known philanthropist and has a passion for supporting hospitals and other maternity institutions.



Flavio is the success behind Eucatex. The achievements of the company in promoting sustainable development are known the world over. His experience in the sector can be a learning point for many aspiring business entrepreneurs. Flavio wears many hats and uses what he has to give back to the community through business, charity, and exemplary leadership. He dreams of a much better Brazil as he offers selfless service to the people.