Mike Baur Adding Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

The goal is that entrepreneurs in Switzerland would have the financial capital they need to make their ideas real. Many young people in school think of something interesting, such as the next Google or Facebook, but because of the lack of funding from mature investors, they are unable to continue with their ideas.


Mike Baur is devoted to changing that. Baur has instigated the Swiss Start Up Factory to help college students and other booming idealists come up with something that can change the economy of the world for better. The motto of the Swiss Start Up Factor is, “Where Innovation Meets Execution.” There are two major problems in industry today. One is established traditional companies who lack new ideas. The other is idealists who lack funding. The Swiss Start Up Factory offers a safe forum where wealthy individuals can listen to entrepreneurs sell their ideas and then consider what they would like to invest in.


Companies that the Swiss Start Up Factory has helped launch include Struckd, Blinkers, Carhelper, and Beaconsmind. The Swiss Start Up Factory takes the headache out of managing the business process. Many great ideas often sink because of lack of funds or a lack of organizational know how. By partnering experienced investors with the newbies, this enables great ideas to not get swept under the rug.


One of Baur’s main points is to make participation in the Swiss Start Up Factory free for students and entrepreneurs. Baur believes that low cost is the best way to attract reluctant thinkers to share their ideas with industry. Sometimes students have doubts about the viability of their business model, and the Swiss Start Up Factory wants to make the overall organization of growth much simpler for all parties involved.


One of Mike Baur’s partners in the Swiss Start Up Factory is Michael Hartweg. Hartweg is hiring the Swiss Start Up Factory to help his Fintech organization succeed in growing its business model and profits. With new ideas from students, the Swiss Start Up Factory is on a great path for achievement.


Mike Baur is an experienced private banker. He spent 20 years in the banking industry of Switzerland, gleaning a huge amount of knowledge about capital and finance. At age 39, Mike Baur saw a need for young entrepreneurs to have a vehicle to get their ideas into reality. He and two partners began the Swiss Start Up Factory so that new voices in industry could be heard.

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