3 Reasons Adam Goldenberg is Successful with Fabletics

If you were to ask Adam Goldenberg why Fabletics has been successful, what would he say? Goldenberg wouldn’t tell you that it’s because he’s so smart or that he went to the best schools. He would tell you that there are 3 main reasons that this venture, as well as his others, are super successful. Goldenberg knows when he’s doing something right, and it has a lot to do with his marketing acumen. While he is among the best and the brightest, Goldenberg is reaching to the top of the sky for Fabletics.

Early in life, Goldenberg was known for being tech savvy. His natural abilities and talents gave him the notoriety he deserved at the young age of 15 on entrepreneur.wiki. What he learned as he grew into a businessman would make him even more successful than he was then. Goldenberg was interviewed by “Built in Los Angeles” a few years back. His thoughts on why the business was growing rapidly explained why Fabletics was doing so fabulous.

When 2006 rolled around, Goldenberg and his business partner Don Ressler founded Intelligent Beauty on rgtadvisors.com. This startup was designed to be what these gentlemen refer to as a “brand incubator”. The company raised more than $50 million dollars for funding, and it was at this time that they chose to purchase Shoe Dazzle, a popular site for shoes and accessories. With celebrity stylist membership programs, these membership based sites became popular but also more personal. The more personal touch has had a lot to do with the success of Fabletics.

Fabletics also offers a line of clothing that the fitness lifestyle enjoys. The clothing can be worn casually and take you right into your workout. Fabletics also meets the need for those who work with companies that encourage them to workout while working on the job. This approach to working out behind the desk encourage individuals to care about how they look while taking better care of themselves.

Additionally, Adam Goldenberg says that metrics play a big role in their success at Fabletics. This means that Goldenberg and his partner Ressler have been testing out various types of marketing while tracking those results. Mastering these marketing techniques is what gives the world of e-commerce a long overdue boost. Maintaining growth is important to Adam Goldenberg, but he also realizes that in order to keep momentum, marketing will change on a monthly basis.