Boosting Sales in Retail Trading through Focusing on End Caps

Every industry has got its guru who has mastered it to the level that they have made themselves the indisputable go-to person. In the retail industry, Kenneth Goodgame has established himself as an operation management expert. The Bachelor of Science in Marketing graduate from the University of Tennessee is well versed in streamlining financial oversight and developing business strategies for the retail chains. His leadership is focused on achieving balance in corporate alignment, key performance indicators, profitability, quality assurance systems, and employee engagement.

Work Experience

Since the late 90s, Goodgame has served in key leadership positions in various retail stores. He started as a middle-level manager at the Home Depot Atlanta, Georgia in 1994. He later on served in senior executive positions at Newell Rubbermaid, Huntersville, NC; Techtronic Industries North America in Anderson, SC; and Ace Hardware Corporation in Oak Brook, Illinois. Currently, Goodgame is the Senior Vice President and the Chief Merchandising Officer at the True Value Hardware Corporation at Chicago, Illinois, a position he had held since 2013.

Current Exploits

Goodgame’s stint at the True Value Hardware Corporation has seen him increasing the sales at the company. This is attributed to his skills at attracting customers’ attention at products and getting them to pay for them. He understands how to run effective promotion campaigns and also placing products in the store to catch the eyes of the customers.

Priority on End Caps

The secret behind Goodgame’s success is the high priority that he places on end caps in retail store marketing. He considers end caps as essential for generating sales since they are the first things that customers note when they are walking down the aisles in the stores. Normally, customers end up frustrated when they cannot find a product that they have seen in a promotion. However, they easily find a product on end cap saving them the trouble of looking throughout the aisle for it. This invariably translates to increased sales for the company.

Goodgame’s success at retail marketing through focusing on end caps is indicative of the fact that product promotion is not enough. Customers need to find easily the product they need when they need it. This is the trick of improving sales in retail trade.