Evolution of Smooth, Modern Lip Care for Busy Women

Choosing the right lip balm sounds like a fairly simple thing to do but often isn’t. With dozens of brands on the market, all making their claims to be the best, it can be difficult but EOS has the answer. They stand behind their lip balm and other skin care products with solid facts and a long line of satisfied customers. They know they have the most effective products available and so will you once you’ve tried them.
EOS natural lip balm is packed with vitamins, it’s hypoallergenic, gluten-free, and dermatologist tested so you know it’s safe to use. Not only will EOS protect your lips from everyday life, it really feels good while it’s doing the job. This lip care product offers smoother, softer, more beautiful lips with a formula that’s perfectly balanced between moisture and dozens of flavor choices. Presented in sphere-shaped containers or standard stick style, EOS has what you need for prettier lips. Visit their Ulta.com product page.

Gone are the days when all a person could find in lip balm (https://www.luckyvitamin.com/m-2220-eos-evolution-of-smooth) was something that tasted like petroleum. EOS combines prime ingredients with many shades of color, uplifting scents, and tasty flavors. One doesn’t often see “sold out” in lip care products but that’s not unusual for EOS. Don’t despair if your favorite flavor is currently unavailable, allow a little time for re-stocking, or choose a new flavor from a long list of them. Whichever flavor and packaging style you choose, you will be amazed at how short a time it will be until your lips are shinning with health.

There is more to EOS than lip balm though. Their extensive line of skin care products are all subjected to the same strict quality control, nothing gets shipped that doesn’t meet their standards of excellence. Their first priority is customer satisfaction which is just one of the traits that got them to the top in a very competitive business. Learn more about this company on Linked In. Also check them out on YouTube!


Referendum Vote to Exit EU, That Saw A Surge In Gold Prices.

Over the years, Gold has maintained a good reputation as a safe haven for investors in the events of catastrophe, and economic downturn. Gold acts as the best monetary insurance policy that never goes wrong. The reason behind the safeness in Gold is the fact that its value does not depend on banks, Stock Markets, or Governments. Buying gold has always been the best measure against unprecedented events, and will always lead as a safe haven for securing wealth against factors that may affect the currency. Its value is solely dependent on the overall free market.

When Britain voted to leave the European Union, the shockwaves led to a panic that later saw Gold achieves a first 2 year high. Financial Analysts argued that the rise in the price of Gold is due to its safe features that investors panicked towards, in the wake of the Brexit vote that saw the United Kingdom leave the European Union. Gold has maintained a consistent value over time, unlike currency that is irrational and can fluctuate announced. The panic, however, would see gold prices shoot up to new high value, that on the other hand saw most investors lose the profits that would have been realised. The Brexit event would eventually boil the gold value down to when you actually buy.

Royal Mint, a trusted producer of both Silver and Gold Coins, saw a rise in the buying of its Britania Bullion Coins and Gold Coins by 32 percent in the month of June. The Referendum vote acted as one of the major factors that drove the price surge on currencies, and as expected investors sought out their last resort with an aim to secure their wealth through the storm. The CEO of Pure Gold Company said that people are now buying Gold at a high speed than any other time in a year, and also pointed out the extreme at which investors are converting 40 to 50 percent of their wealth to Gold.

The online trading platforms also saw the amount of gold and silver being traded online skyrocket to a new high that amounted to seven times the average of the last 12 months. The referendum vote panic affected the London Property Market, since the uncertainty in the UK financial System after the Brexit made many people with the aim of buying property postpone, and instead buy gold and hold for long periods of time.

Learn more: http://www.cnbc.com/2016/06/27/bitcoin-gains-validity-as-digital-gold-after-brexit-vote.html

Mike Baur Adding Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

The goal is that entrepreneurs in Switzerland would have the financial capital they need to make their ideas real. Many young people in school think of something interesting, such as the next Google or Facebook, but because of the lack of funding from mature investors, they are unable to continue with their ideas.


Mike Baur is devoted to changing that. Baur has instigated the Swiss Start Up Factory to help college students and other booming idealists come up with something that can change the economy of the world for better. The motto of the Swiss Start Up Factor is, “Where Innovation Meets Execution.” There are two major problems in industry today. One is established traditional companies who lack new ideas. The other is idealists who lack funding. The Swiss Start Up Factory offers a safe forum where wealthy individuals can listen to entrepreneurs sell their ideas and then consider what they would like to invest in.


Companies that the Swiss Start Up Factory has helped launch include Struckd, Blinkers, Carhelper, and Beaconsmind. The Swiss Start Up Factory takes the headache out of managing the business process. Many great ideas often sink because of lack of funds or a lack of organizational know how. By partnering experienced investors with the newbies, this enables great ideas to not get swept under the rug.


One of Baur’s main points is to make participation in the Swiss Start Up Factory free for students and entrepreneurs. Baur believes that low cost is the best way to attract reluctant thinkers to share their ideas with industry. Sometimes students have doubts about the viability of their business model, and the Swiss Start Up Factory wants to make the overall organization of growth much simpler for all parties involved.


One of Mike Baur’s partners in the Swiss Start Up Factory is Michael Hartweg. Hartweg is hiring the Swiss Start Up Factory to help his Fintech organization succeed in growing its business model and profits. With new ideas from students, the Swiss Start Up Factory is on a great path for achievement.


Mike Baur is an experienced private banker. He spent 20 years in the banking industry of Switzerland, gleaning a huge amount of knowledge about capital and finance. At age 39, Mike Baur saw a need for young entrepreneurs to have a vehicle to get their ideas into reality. He and two partners began the Swiss Start Up Factory so that new voices in industry could be heard.

Know more about Mike Baur at founderstories.com.

3 Reasons Adam Goldenberg is Successful with Fabletics

If you were to ask Adam Goldenberg why Fabletics has been successful, what would he say? Goldenberg wouldn’t tell you that it’s because he’s so smart or that he went to the best schools. He would tell you that there are 3 main reasons that this venture, as well as his others, are super successful. Goldenberg knows when he’s doing something right, and it has a lot to do with his marketing acumen. While he is among the best and the brightest, Goldenberg is reaching to the top of the sky for Fabletics.

Early in life, Goldenberg was known for being tech savvy. His natural abilities and talents gave him the notoriety he deserved at the young age of 15 on entrepreneur.wiki. What he learned as he grew into a businessman would make him even more successful than he was then. Goldenberg was interviewed by “Built in Los Angeles” a few years back. His thoughts on why the business was growing rapidly explained why Fabletics was doing so fabulous.

When 2006 rolled around, Goldenberg and his business partner Don Ressler founded Intelligent Beauty on rgtadvisors.com. This startup was designed to be what these gentlemen refer to as a “brand incubator”. The company raised more than $50 million dollars for funding, and it was at this time that they chose to purchase Shoe Dazzle, a popular site for shoes and accessories. With celebrity stylist membership programs, these membership based sites became popular but also more personal. The more personal touch has had a lot to do with the success of Fabletics.

Fabletics also offers a line of clothing that the fitness lifestyle enjoys. The clothing can be worn casually and take you right into your workout. Fabletics also meets the need for those who work with companies that encourage them to workout while working on the job. This approach to working out behind the desk encourage individuals to care about how they look while taking better care of themselves.

Additionally, Adam Goldenberg says that metrics play a big role in their success at Fabletics. This means that Goldenberg and his partner Ressler have been testing out various types of marketing while tracking those results. Mastering these marketing techniques is what gives the world of e-commerce a long overdue boost. Maintaining growth is important to Adam Goldenberg, but he also realizes that in order to keep momentum, marketing will change on a monthly basis.

Boosting Sales in Retail Trading through Focusing on End Caps

Every industry has got its guru who has mastered it to the level that they have made themselves the indisputable go-to person. In the retail industry, Kenneth Goodgame has established himself as an operation management expert. The Bachelor of Science in Marketing graduate from the University of Tennessee is well versed in streamlining financial oversight and developing business strategies for the retail chains. His leadership is focused on achieving balance in corporate alignment, key performance indicators, profitability, quality assurance systems, and employee engagement.

Work Experience

Since the late 90s, Goodgame has served in key leadership positions in various retail stores. He started as a middle-level manager at the Home Depot Atlanta, Georgia in 1994. He later on served in senior executive positions at Newell Rubbermaid, Huntersville, NC; Techtronic Industries North America in Anderson, SC; and Ace Hardware Corporation in Oak Brook, Illinois. Currently, Goodgame is the Senior Vice President and the Chief Merchandising Officer at the True Value Hardware Corporation at Chicago, Illinois, a position he had held since 2013.

Current Exploits

Goodgame’s stint at the True Value Hardware Corporation has seen him increasing the sales at the company. This is attributed to his skills at attracting customers’ attention at products and getting them to pay for them. He understands how to run effective promotion campaigns and also placing products in the store to catch the eyes of the customers.

Priority on End Caps

The secret behind Goodgame’s success is the high priority that he places on end caps in retail store marketing. He considers end caps as essential for generating sales since they are the first things that customers note when they are walking down the aisles in the stores. Normally, customers end up frustrated when they cannot find a product that they have seen in a promotion. However, they easily find a product on end cap saving them the trouble of looking throughout the aisle for it. This invariably translates to increased sales for the company.

Goodgame’s success at retail marketing through focusing on end caps is indicative of the fact that product promotion is not enough. Customers need to find easily the product they need when they need it. This is the trick of improving sales in retail trade.

Raj Fernando and Chopper Trading Becoming Power Brokers

As the founder of Chopper Trading and now the survey web site Scoutahead.com, Raj Fernando has fashioned a strong profile in whatever field he dedicates himself in.

Raj Fernando gains his trading skills with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. He was cash bond trader before starting his company Chopper Trading in 2002. Fernando earned his bachelor’s degree from Beloit College in economics and history.

As the founder and CEO of Chopper Trading, Fernando made sure he looked after his employees who worked under him. From his days on the trading floor, Fernando was aware of how stressful the trading life can be. His aim was to bring in talent with an eye toward keeping them for a the long term. He didn’t follow the usual training philosophy in the business, but was more interested in nurturing the developing talent in the industry. He wanted workers who were positive and could work well with others rather than how much money they could bring in.

He sold Chopper Trading in 2015 and soon started Scoutahead.com, a survey and review site that helps provide targeted information for organizations, businesses, and even individuals. He serves the site in the same capacity as he served Chopper Trading as the CEO. The Scoutahead.com has had several surveys on the 2016 presidential election and usually features a weekly poll.

Fernando was briefly tapped for the State Department’s International Security Advisory Board, but chose to step down the role.

Fernando is noted for his philanthropy in Chicago and across the nation. The sits on the governing board for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and is a member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Raj is quite active on social media, follow him on twitter and linkedin.

Improving North Texas Communities through Partnership of Highland Capital and Dallas Foundation

James Dondero serves as the chief executive officer of Highland Capital Management where he is the co-founder. James is an investment adviser who is based in Dallas and he is among the prominent and most experienced investment managers in the United States. Since James is a renowned philanthropist, not surprisingly, he takes a proactive managing methodology to charitable giving. Even though the platform of his business is international, James delightfully invests the bulk of his philanthropic in the vicinity.

James said that his company is seeking for a partner who will help in the management of yearly charitable budget that had developed to over 3 million U.S Dollars. The search resulted in finding the chief executive officer of Dallas Foundation called Mary Jalonick and her crew of benevolent donor service professionals.

They hand-picked The Dallas Foundation. It is because it is an organization that is intensely deep-rooted in the North Texas community with a verified record of achievement in the non-profit making organization in the community.

Mary and James Dondero worked together to come up with evaluated strategies for philanthropic giving structure that would be ambitious, valiant and operational. In due course, a supportive agency of the Dallas Foundation was created, and it was named the Highland Dallas Foundation.

For an extended period now, James has been so supportive of various initiatives such as education and healthcare in Dallas community. Collaborating with the Dallas Foundation, James has managed to expand his charitable commitment to several civic agencies such as;

• The Perot Museum
• The Bush Presidential Library
• The Dallas Zoo

The acumen of Dondero’s business aligns exquisitely with his charitable approach of employing multi-year grants as part of his benevolent. Mary Jalonick points out that even though they are rare in the current philanthropic setting, these kinds of contributions are extremely beneficial to non-profit making organizations since they provide a viable source of income for the long term.

Lately, James collaborated with The Dallas Foundation to appoint Linda Owen, ex-president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. The major role of Linda Owen is to concentrate exclusively on the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., whereby she was to connect the vision of James with non-profit partners who advance the quality of lifestyle in North Texas.

About James Dondero

James is the co-owner and president of Highland Capital Management. He is a famous entrepreneur with more than three decades of experience in the credit market. Before establishing Highland in 1993, Mr. Dondero worked as an investment executive of proactive life’s GIC subsidiary and assisted develop the company from concept to more than 2 billion dollars between 1989 and 1993.

The portfolio management experience of James comprises;
• Mortgage-backed securities
• Investment grade corporates
• Leveraged bank loans
• High-yield bonds
• Emerging market debt
• Derivatives
• Common stocks
• Preferred stocks

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Program that Offers Protection to Whistleblowers

The United States’ laws and regulations that control the securities in the finance industry were amended in 2010 by the Congress, when it passed the Consumer Protection Act and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform. These two laws were the first noteworthy legislative transformations in the finance industry that has taken place since the Great Depression. Whistleblowers who volunteer to give vital information to the Securities and Exchange Commission are currently being protected by a program that was formed under the Dodd-Frank Act. The plan gives the informants a right to be given a financial reward and ensures that their careers are protected once they provide helpful information on companies that are breaking the laws that control the federal securities. Learn more: http://www.secwhistlebloweradvocate.com/program/program-overview

Then enactment of the significant legislation led to the establishment of many law firms that are focused on providing legal representation to the whistleblowers and ensuring that their rights are fully protected. The Labaton Sucharow law company is one of these organizations, and it was the first one to be created. It has an outstanding reputation due to its excellent platform of filling securities litigations. The company has a dependable group of investigators who are managed by a Whistleblower Representation Practice, scientific examiners who understand the execution of the law, and financial specialists. The whistleblower representation of the company is chaired by Jordan A. Thomas, who is a former executive at the SEC. He was the SEC Enforcement Units’ deputy chief litigation advisor and the assistant director. He considerably facilitated the drafting and enacting of the whistleblower protection program when he was in the SEC.

The monetary motivation that is offered to the informant is 10-30 percent of the penalties that are collected due to the information that they provide. The law has set the threshold of this amount at one million dollars, but an additional reward can be given to the whistleblower in case other law enforcement organization collect more sanctions. According to the Doff-Frank Act, the business that is reported to the SEC should not harass or revenge to the informant.

It is wise for the whistleblower not to disclose his or her identity by giving information anonymously to the SEC through the representation of a lawyer. The intelligence that is received by the SEC from the informant is protected by the attorney-client honor. The commission offers an interpreter in case the whistleblower is a foreigner and cannot speak English. People can get additional information on the whistleblower protection program by contacting the whistleblower representation team via calls, emails, and visiting them on their physical address.

Talk Fusion Balances on the Cutting Edge of Technology

Talk Fusion wins 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award for their Video Chat. The award was given by the Technology Marketing Corporation. It honors innovative new products and services that use voice, data and video in new and improved ways. Talk Fusion used WebRTC technology for its video chat. It lets users communicate in a face-to-face manner, with anyone, anywhere om any device. The app is downloadable in iTunes and Google Play Stores. This cross-communication platform has major momentum in the marketplace.

Talk Fusion founder and CEO Bob Reina, says the All-in-One Video Marketing Program is a testament to their professional IT team, and just the beginning of a list of new technologies to come. In addition to the Award from TMC, Talk Fusion has introduced Free Trials, WebRTC Recorder and a new website, http://www.talkfusioninstantpay.com/. The company is dedicated to helping users increase their customers with innovative new technics.

Talk Fusion is an innovative marketing-technology driven company that helps its clients make eye-catching video emails for business purposes or personal through new communication methods. Clients can connect with anyone with a single click. They offer technology that allows them to be more engaged with their customers and leave them with a favorable impression.

Talk Fusion started out in 2007, as a leader in video marketing solutions. They help businesses grow through proprietary, patent-pending video technology. The technology allows clients to expand their sales and profits through more personal marketing and communications with their customers. They sell their products to individuals through independent Associates from 140 different countries.

Eric Pulier Saved Our Son From A Lot Of Heartache

It can be very hard for people to get over chronic illnesses because it is difficult to find people who have the same disorder. I have had that experience with my son, and I know that it was hard for us to help him feel as normal as he could. No kid can keep that facade up for too long because they know that something is different. The only way to fix that problem was to make sure that they are going to meet people who are just like them. The kids that got to talk to other kids on Starbright World were able to meet kids with chronic or terminal illnesses, and I am grateful to Eric Pulier for it.

Eric Pulier made it very easy for people to get online in the early 90s with his social network, and he made it very easy for us to learn how to use it. He was very good with all the kids, and he created this great network where he matched our son with kids who were just like him. These kids wanted to be able to have the same kind of normal life we wanted for our son, and we could see that they really helped each other in their conversations.

I know that Starbright World is not the only thing that Eric Pulier has ever done, but he is someone who is out there helping as many people as he can. He did it with People Doing Things, and he did it when he started up his enterprise technology company. His whole career has been about helping people, and he wanted to be sure that he could show people a new way to do things. He helped our special needs kid, and that is why we appreciate the work he does even to this day.

Follow Eric on Facebook.

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Giving Back & Persisting Towards Your Future With Eric Pulier