George Soros’ Views On How To Save Ukraine

At Maidan, a new Ukraine was born. Maidan, Ukraine’s independence square based in Kiev, has served to unify Ukrainian’s resolve to reform their country from the policies of past oligarchs. The Russian military is supporting separatists located in eastern Ukraine. Irrespective of the subsisting military assault, the populace of Ukraine remains focused on their goal of establishing a new Ukraine.

The spirit of transformation in Ukraine is at an all time high. Bernard-Henri and George Soros contend that Ukrainians are eager to welcome modernity to a country that was riddled with instances of corruption as enhanced by the powerful oligarchs. Today, Ukraine is not relying on a single leader but using checks and balances to enhance participatory democracy. Bernard-Henri and Soros assert that even though democracies move slowly, Ukraine stands to benefit in the long run.

Bernard-Henri and Soros ponder on whether there will be a long run. They answer this question by asserting that the Russian President is out to destroy Ukraine before the nation can establish itself and before Russia’s economic downturns taints his popularity. To this end, Russia has been exerting more financial and military pressure on Ukraine. In the recent past, NATO said that forces backed by the Russian troops attacked the city of Mariupol. This situation eliminated the notion that the separatists were acting alone.

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George Soros – The New York Times

Soros and Bernard-Henri assert that Ukraine may defend itself against any aggression but it is in urgent need of financial assistance. Currently, the country needs $15 billion. The two authors believe that Western powers ought to make political pledges to provide the country with additional resources based on the extent of the conflict and reforms undertaken by the country. This way, the country shall be able to survive and encourage investments. The reformists do not want to slide back to the old Ukraine. To this end, they have expressed their intentions of being held accountable on how the money shall be expended. Soros and Bernard-Henri posit that these reformers would like the IMF to exercise oversight on the legislation that they pass.

George Soros Ukraine contends that when the European Union was formed, its main aim was to enhance cohesion between the sovereign states in order to augment their sovereignty. Formation of the EU marked a bold statement in terms of international governance and rule of law in order to replace the use of force and nationalism. However, the recent euro crisis has resulted in rifts between EU member states with the creditors imposing conditions over debtor countries. 
As the international governance in Europe is weakening, Russia is proving to be to a threat to the existence of the EU. Russia has geopolitical ambitions, thus ready to use force where necessary. In order to reinforce his regime, Putin is supporting the Orthodox Church and taking advantage of an ethnic national ideology. Soros asserts that while President Putin was speaking on Direct Line, a radio program in Russia, he praised the Russian people’s genetics. Today, Putin is popular in Russia for his efforts in annexing the Crimea.

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Securus Technologies’ Plans to Reveal Fraudulent Activities of Global Tel Link.

Securus Technologies is a top technology company, which is based in Dallas, Texas and offers service to institutions in the criminal and civil services industry. The company’s products and services are of great importance to about 3450 institutions that house approximately 1.2 million inmates. Most of Securus’ clients are based in North America and its services help in biometric analysis, investigation, communication, emergency response, inmates self-service, information management, supervising products, and services, informing the public, and incident management.
Securus America has declared that it will reveal facts, evidence, findings, and reports that will inform the public on integrity breaches and misconducts that Global Tel Link (GTL) carried out in the past. GTL is a firm that provides technology solutions to institutions in the law enforcement industry. According to Richard Smith, who is the CEO of Securus Technologies, the services that are offered by the companies in the inmate communication industry to law enforcement institutions, prisoners, and communities should be made a priority. Attaining the objective of the industry is important than making money and firms should be keen not to ruin the reputation of the industry. Securus Technologies will be giving press releases about the fraudulent activities GTL as a way of shaming it.

According to the PR Newswire, the firm’s first press release will include a 17-page report (Order Number U-20784-B) that was written by Louisiana’s Public Service Commission about the dishonesty of GTL during provision of services to the Louisiana Department of Corrections. After investigations, it was noted that GTL has adjusted its telephone clock to have extra 15 to 36 seconds in the call durations. The pricing of the calls was also inflated whereby there were additional costs charged on the regular billing of calls. The billing of the calls was also above the rates that were acceptable to the PSC, and some calls were double billed. The GTL unlawfully took 1.243 million dollars for the Louisiana taxpayers.

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Socialism Has Destroyed Venezuela

The Latino Show Magazine, reveals Venezuelans are suffering and the real cause behind it is not droughts or low oil prices on the market. The real reason why Venezuela is falling apart is because it is under the rule of a socialist system. There are several key elements of socialism and they can be explained quite easily in how they caused the demise of the country of Venezuela.
Socialism destroys incentive. When people know that prices will be set artificially, they are less inclined to be productive or produce certain goods in the first place. This is one of the underlying reasons why Venezuela is suffering from food shortages. Artificially low prices literally caused Venezuala’s farmers to abandon their livelihoods. Expert Norka asks why farm when they would be getting almost nothing in return for their hard labor?

So socialism has literally wiped out the farming industry in Venezuela. The socialist leaders responded by importing food and selling at an artificially lower price, essentially taking a loss on the distribution of imported food. The few farmers that still did exist in Venezuela have smuggled goods to sell to other countries like Columbia for higher profits.

Another key reason why Venezuela has been destroyed by socialism is that the government decides how much each person receives. Rather than being determined by the income of the individual and market prices the government dictates who receives what and how much they get. This not only kills incentive, but leads to shortages and inevitably corruption.

Save Dry Hair With WEN

Do you ever wake up and find yourself having one of those hair days? You know the ones where your locks lack shine and just won’t seem to cooperate with your comb? Trying to tame your hair into submission can be a real hassle and a half, but with the right products, it does get easier. Just ask Emily McClure from Bustle. She penned an article describing her week using WEN Hair by Chaz Dean, and while it isn’t her new staple, we learned that it can add some much needed shine and moisture to a dry ‘do.
Emily found that throughout the seven days she used the QVC advertised product, she needed to wash her hair in the morning to ensure that it was not too oily by the end of the day. The product was great for girls with dryer hair, but if you have an oily scalp you may want to use WEN sparingly. She did mention that she would use the shampoo and conditioner combo on days that she had the time to spare and wash her hair in the morning, so that tells us it is a pretty nifty product. Emily commented that her friends did notice a difference in her hair as well, which was another great sign for Wen hair.

While there is no cure-all for unruly hair, simply knowing your hair type and using a product correctly can have a great impact on taming that coif. WEN is no exception, and many women love the sleek look it gives them. It is definitely worth a try on Amazon, for a new shampoo and conditioner combo, and have trouble keeping your locks hydrated.

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