Politics in Venezuela Gets Worse

Venezuela is a country in the middle of major economic downturn. Due to rising poverty, crime is rising. Meanwhile, violence came to Venezuelan politics. President Maduro’s popularity is declining and the opposition has gathered 1.8 million signatures calling for a referendum to remove him from the office. This may lead to further chaos feared Norka Luque as the incumbent is backed up by the military and police.
As Fox News Latino report, German Mavare, a leader of opposition has been killed. He was shot in the head last Friday. Whether this is a plain murder, or a political assassination, hasn’t been confirmed.

According to Dateas.com, in Venezuela crime is rampant, and even before the crisis, it was one of the most violent countries in the world. On the other hand, many find it hard to believe that this isn’t an assassination of the opposition leader after the calls for Maduro’s removal.

Even if the referendum takes place, in order to remove the President, the opposition needs to get more votes than were cast to elect him.