The Excellence of White Shark Media

Finding a good place to work can be a challenge. It often seems that regardless where you work, or what you do there will be both positives and negatives. White Shark Media is a company that has a solid track of keeping employees happy and well taken care of. With their history of taking care of employees and the incredible services they provide, White Shark Media is an excellent company to work for. Read more here:
White Shark Media is known as a company that is people oriented. Many employees and former employees have commented on how they put their employees first. Many reviewers have stated they the company made them feel very comfortable and that they were very professional. Many employees have complemented that White Shark Media has a pleasant work environment. They appear to go above what’s required for their employees.

White Shark Media is considered to be one of the best in digital marketing. The company works with a variety of businesses to suggest solutions for their online marketing needs. The company began in 2011 by a small group of danish entrepreneurs. Their mission was simple: deliver an amazing product and was groundbreaking. The company has gone on to grow tremendously and have world wide impact.

Since it’s beginning in 2011, White Shark Media has been on a steady incline. Google quickly recognized the up and coming company and began a close collaboration with them. Technology giant Microsoft also quickly noticed the success of White Shark and began their won collaborations shortly after. White Shark soon became a part of Microsoft’s Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.

With a history of being an innovator in their field, White Shark Media seems to be a company that will have an impact in the future for years to come (click read more.). They continue to offer cost-effective solutions for a variety of marketing needs.

The digital marketing world can be challenging, but with White Shark’s history of experience and dedication they seem destined to meet this challenge. Furthermore with their track record of providing a pleasant work environment, there is little to not like about this great company.

Beauty Writer Tries Famous No Shampoo WEN Method for Shine and Bounce

When your hair looks great, you know it, and your self-esteem grows higher, but when you’re having too many bad hair days, it’s frustrating. contributor Emily McClure was tired of fighting her flat, dull hair, so she decided to try what the whole world already knows, that the WEN system delivers.
WEN by Chaz Dean is the no-poo method that’s changed the way people care for their hair. Wen uses cleansing conditioners made of natural botanicals to give strength, body and bounce back to locks. Emily had seen the amazing infomercials where gorgeous celebrities use the WEN system for healthy, manageable hair, so she chose the Sephora endorsed FIG cleansing conditioner and got started.

Emily was hesitant to use so much product in the shower, so she used the minimum amount for short hair, instead of the proper pumps for her medium length locks. Maybe that could have affected her results, but as she cleansed with WEN, she noticed her hair seemed to swell in size. When she blow-dried and styled, wow, her hair looked beautiful as her selfies showed.

Everything was going great, until Emily went off her AM WEN washes. One time, she decided to try WEN at night, because that’s how she normally showers, but her results delivered flat, greasy hair in the morning. Another time, she skipped the AM WEN wash, as she was late. Once again, Emily felt her hair go limp quickly and lose its style.

Still, when Emily returned to the WEN hair care routine, her hair looked nice, and friends complimented her on the shine and bounce it appeared to have.

Seven days later, Emily has zero regrets, saying she would reach for the WEN again, if she weren’t so lazy and if she could allow hair to develop a routine.

Official product website:



Bury Bad Articles Protect Your Business Reputation

It is no secret that bad press has a negative impact on sales. With search results and reviews available on Google, a business can lose as many as 22% of its customers from a negative article or review found on one of its products or services. The more negative reviews and articles that come up from Google search results, the more potential and existing business is lost. Protecting your online reputation is no longer just a luxury if you are a business owner. Reputation management is essential today to keep your business running and attract new customers.

The experts at Bury Bad Articles are in just this line of work. They truly understand how to bury negative reviews and articles about your business deep within search results. This will help soften the blow from the impact of negative reviews or articles for your business. The staff at Bury Bad Articles will be the first to explain that potential customers are much more likely to trust and remember the information they read in a negative review of a business versus a positive one. It is simply a matter of human psychology and natural skepticism. Because of this, a bad review can stick out like a sore thumb. This is true even if your business has a whole list of positive reviews.

If you are a business owner, then you likely do not have time to deal with each and every negative review or article that comes up online. For that reason alone, enlisting the service of a professional online reputation management company will save you time and countless headaches. The experts at Bury Bad Articles do much more than just catch negative reviews for your business online. They work to proactively manage your online reputation so that you can focus on running your business. Knowing how to keep negative articles from appearing immediately in Google search results takes more than just flooding the Internet with positive reviews of your business. Trust your online reputation to the expert team at Bury Bad Articles so that one negative review does not affect your business.

Politics in Venezuela Gets Worse

Venezuela is a country in the middle of major economic downturn. Due to rising poverty, crime is rising. Meanwhile, violence came to Venezuelan politics. President Maduro’s popularity is declining and the opposition has gathered 1.8 million signatures calling for a referendum to remove him from the office. This may lead to further chaos feared Norka Luque as the incumbent is backed up by the military and police.
As Fox News Latino report, German Mavare, a leader of opposition has been killed. He was shot in the head last Friday. Whether this is a plain murder, or a political assassination, hasn’t been confirmed.

According to, in Venezuela crime is rampant, and even before the crisis, it was one of the most violent countries in the world. On the other hand, many find it hard to believe that this isn’t an assassination of the opposition leader after the calls for Maduro’s removal.

Even if the referendum takes place, in order to remove the President, the opposition needs to get more votes than were cast to elect him.


New Brunswick’s DEVCO Corporation Building Towards The State’s Future

The Middlesex County Improvement Authority is in hot water after defaulting on a $20 million loan that was backed by the Casino Reinvestment Authority in 2005. According to public records, the $1 million principal and interest payment is only the tip of the iceberg. Middlesex has been in arears since 2011 and currently owes $7 million.

The money, which bankrolled New Brunswick’s Heldrich Hotel, will be paid, says corporation attorney Christopher Paladino. The hotel opened just as the real estate market was going through an economic turndown on pressofatlanticcity. The struggling hotel was having a hard time attracting guests and soon began operating in the red. The hotel never saw above a 64% occupancy rate. The hotel was operating so poorly that it had to use some of its own funds to keep it running.

The loan was crappy, according to Paladino. “But things like this happen.” Paladino believes that things will change in the coming months and the loans will be paid back according to schedule.

The New Brunswick-based DEVCO Corporation has been the leading development corporation since the 1970s. Devco has helped many revitilzation efforts all over the city. The corporation has won a number of awards over the years for project innovations. Success of Devco is due to its unique approach to building. The company is currently working on a $300 million upgrade of Rutgers University. The initiative will provide upgrades to the administrative buildings, student center and honors college.

Other recent projects include upgrades to the Middlesex Family Courthouse, New Brunswick High School, the New Brunswick Medical Plaza and the Riverwalk Residential Community.