Athleisure is Here to Stay

Bustle just posted an article aimed at helping women everywhere understand how to rock the athleisure trend, which definitely seems like it is here to stay. It is hard to argue with the benefits of being able to throw on comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement all day or make you wish you could run home and get into pajamas immediately. Women everywhere are loving this new fashion trend on which caters to comfort and cool, casual style rather than forcing women into revealing and restrictive clothing that might look great in a picture but is not so much fun to spend an entire day or evening wearing. The article explains that it is now socially acceptable to throw on comfortable shoes, like fashionable sneakers or flats, to run to your favorite restaurant.

Clothing companies are certainly responding to the fashion industry’s demand for more comfortable yet still stylish clothing options. Fabletics has been a leader in the fitness fashion industry since it opened up in 2013. It provides a unique combination of high quality materials and construction of athleisure outfits at extremely affordable prices, which are sure to fit in any woman’s budget. This was part of the goal of co-founder, Kate Hudson, when she first launched the Fabletics on corp.justfab. She was looking for a clothing option that would inspire everyday women to embrace fitness and activity in their daily lives without forcing them to break the bank to do so.

Fabletics has made quite the name for itself in creating a new line of outfits each month for its online customers. Its constantly updated supply and innovative designs, which even stay ahead of current fitness fashion trends, make Fabletics a true leader in the fitness fashion industry. For only $49.95 a month, Fabletics VIP members can choose from a new selection of outfits. New members on even get their first outfit for only $25. The membership program is flexible and can be cancelled at any time by calling the customer service line, but it is easy to see why customers tend to stay loyal to this innovative and high quality brand.