US Money Reserve Has Made Gold, Silver And Platinum Out Do Many Other Assets

Investment can go beyond banking and real estate to precious metals. Of all the other forms of potential assets, to invest from precious metals have continued to maintain their value from time immemorial. Precious metals are not likely to get affected by dwindling market economy and the worrying aspects of dollar devaluation in the market. Gold, silver and platinum coins have kept their history in asset protection more than a mere dollar can do. They will not lead to troubling issues especially if those precious metals are government issued.
The US Money Reserve has enlarged its market to make more customers opt for precious metals as assets rather than dollars in the bank. US Money Reserve is promoting wealth security by providing the best of gold, platinum and silver coins there is in the whole global market. Its professional experts are the gurus with the gold market especially because they deal with United States government issued precious metals. Precious metal holding is a critical asset important for an investor’s financial survival aside from the bank. Situations happen like freezing of bank accounts to the realization that one do not have more dollar but feels secure if they own a couple of gold coins. To know more about precious metals security ; also and make the best move in the investment industry.

US Money Reserve according to the GoldNewsNetwork was founded in 2001 and since then has been dealing with government issued gold, platinum and silver coins. The firm according to cbs has handled hundreds of thousands of customers in the precious metal market to their satisfaction. It has the best of precious metals there is, and quality is its drive together with the satisfaction of clients. Phillip N Diehl the company president has ensured that US Money Reserve Bonds with clients to creating long-term relationships with them.

US Money Reserve is there to help with precious metals especially if the trust with local currencies fades away due to regular flux. The company was founded by gold veterans, and their main objective was to provide top notch customer services as eminent in the firm. Us money reserve is hence one of the largest distributors of gold coins in the United States precious metal markets. They provide a great reason to invest in precious metals, like US Money Reserve on Facebook to learn more of large corporations like Central Bank investing in the precious market industry.

The United States Economic Growth Isn’t Strong Enough To Prevent A Recession In 2016 According To George Soros

 The Unites States has a reputation for being somewhat of an isolationist. A large number of American pay attention to what’s happening in the country not what is happening to neighboring countries or the rest of the world. Those people leave that stuff up to elected officials that get paid to follow world events and economic changes. It’s their job, according to those short sighted folks. But George Soros is not one of those folks. Soros is a hands-on hedge fund manager that pays attention to world events. And he is good at it. Soros is able to see things in other countries that most people don’t see. He recently told that what he sees coming to the United States is not very pretty.

In that interview, Soros said the world is on the verge of a recession that could be worse than the Great Recession of 2008. Many countries that have offered Soros investment opportunities in the past are now investment nightmares. Instead of foreign investors supporting BRICS countries, they are running away from them. Most of the BRICS countries are in a deep recession, and if there aren’t now, they will be in the second half of 2016. Mr. Soros said all countries will experience this new recession because the catalyst for it is a big one. That catalyst is China.

China is certainly the instigator of this new economic contraction, but the European Union seems to be adding more drama to the event. Soros said the EU is on the verge of a collapse. That collapse could happen in 2016 unless the EU stimulates economic growth, solves the euro debt crisis and gets a handle on the migration issue. Soros believes the European Union is not capable of solving any of those issues right now.

When the economic disasters that are playing out in emerging markets is added to the European Union problem and the Chinese issue, there’s little doubt that the United States will avoid becoming part of that messed up situation. In other words, the U.S. economy could begin to contract by the end of 2016, and that contraction will stay around for a couple of years.

The United States is still enjoying GDP growth, but that won’t last long, according to Soros. There are signs that growth is slowing down. It just hasn’t been reported yet. If the United States continues to ignore what’s happening in the rest of the world, the impact of the recession could be worse than it has to be in the past. The Feds should be taking step now to stimulate the economy, but all the news coming from the Feds is another rate hike, and that will be very counterproductive.

Skout Is A Way To Make Friends And Show Kindness

It makes sense to help other people out. There are so many people that I see every day. I walk around the city where I live, and I go to coffee shops and to work. I see many, many people every day. It’s usually quite easy to know what people need to happen in their lives. Most people outwardly express what is going on. Some people ask for money for things, like for the bus. This is an easy way to help people. Just listen out for the people who need help. There are so many ways to help other people out when you see that they are in need.

I love to do nice things for others, but sometimes I need some help thinking about new nice things to do for people. I can’t come up with these things on my own. I’m glad I ran across this survey online. I found the survey results from a poll that Skout had conducted. It was really interesting to read the statistics of how many people have done kind and random acts for people. The article was from the website Uloop. I found it when I was doing my own research, and then, I started looking at Skout’s platform.

Apparently, Skout made the poll for people who are already on their platform and to share with other people who are interested in helping people with their daily lives. I like to hear the results because I am interested in seeing other people benefit from my kindness. I like that Skout shared the results of what they found during their research. It is a very responsible and inspirational thing to do. They are promoting kindness on a large scale, which is something that most companies don’t have time to do.

Skout looks like a pretty interesting company overall. The company is an online social media website that also does online dating. They help people find friends from several countries around the world. There is no limit to the number of friends that one can make on Skout’s platform. It was really cool to get messages from people from other parts of the world when I started using their app. I was impressed by the different types of people that messaged me. I love to make new friends, and Skout’s a great way to do that. Here’s the url to the article:

Energy Stocks

George Soros founded Open Society a foundation in which he wanted to practice philanthropy after he had reached billionaire status. It was established in 1979 and pursued George Soros’s passion. He wanted to bring open societies to places around the world that had authoritarian forms of government. George Soros believes that open societies exist because we understand that the world is not perfect, and what is not perfect can be improved.

In the beginning George Soros began a project where he funded scholarships for young black students during the Apartheid Regime in South Africa to attend the University of Cape Town which was also known as the most prestigious in the country at the time. Another project that was started was to aid Eastern European’s to study abroad also around a similar time when things were difficult.

George Soros mentioned earlier in a interview that he believes that his success in the financial world has given him independence to do things that most other people cannot do. He likes to take stand against controversial issues where others cannot.

His past successes in the investment sector has made him the man to watch when making financial and investment decisions. In a recent article by The Street made mention of George Soros as he has made some interesting decisions when it came to investing. The Soros Fund Management got rid of all its energy shares of the major players Chevron, Chesapeake and NRG Energy.

Two very important reports are due this week, the EIA and the Baker Hughes Rig Count. The rig count numbers have dropped significantly since the last report on Friday, so this upcoming one does not look promising.

Another big player the World Bank also retracted its statement that it predicted the average price per barrel in 2016 would be $51, instead they now believe it will drop to $37.

George Soros is known as the man who broke the bank of England, when in earlier years he shorted the sale of $10 billion pounds which made him a staggering profit of $1 billion. This all took place in 1992 on a day known as Black Wednesday. That day saw a serious currency crisis which George Soros took advantage of. He has a current net worth of $24.4 billion so when it comes down to making the correct investment decisions, he is definitely the correct person to talk to. His energy share dump makes us believe that he knows something that others do not.

This coming week more reports will be provided which will give a better insight into what route to take. Should investors follow George Soros and look to other industries and sectors, like Biotech for example?