Finding Ways To Avoid The Zika Virus

Sergio Cortes is the secretary of health in Brazil and he spoke on about the Zika virus. The Zika virus actually emerged in the 1940s and it was first identified in some African countries such as Sierra Leone, Uganda, and Tanzania. The virus next spread all throughout Asia. In 2015 the virus began to go to countries in Latin America that included Brazil Columbia and Mexico. The World Health Organization issued a warning about the dangers that this disease could produce.
The Zika virus was first identified in Brazil in April and since then an increasing number of individuals have come down with this disease. The Zika virus has caused great concern when it comes to the health of the country, and even though the symptoms of Zika do not get serious, Dr. Cortes is still very worried about the disease. It could be the cause of problems such as microcephaly and Guillain-Barre syndrome. As of now it has been shown that Zika is not contagious and it cannot be transmitted from one person to another..

There are many different symptoms of Zika and they are not generally aggressive. They usually last for about 3 to 7 days and the symptoms include the following: fever, muscle aches, and rash. The only way to diagnoses to get diseases through an exam and it is best to see a doctor if any symptoms similar to the Zika disease.

There are still no treatments available for the Zika disease, and people who are infected can use anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers as long as they are under proper medical supervision. As far as pregnancy goes, it has been stated that women that are planning to get pregnant should take special measures to avoid the Zika virus which could be a factor in microcephaly. The best thing to do is try to avoid bug bites in general. That means using clothes that cover the majority of the body, using mosquito repellent, and putting protective screens on the home.

At the moment Brazil is experiencing epidemic of the Zika disease and for that reason it is best to try to prevent the transmission of the disease. The most important thing is to avoid standing water even if it is in small objects because that is the breeding ground for mosquitoes. It is good to use protective screens on homes and install mosquito nets around beds as well.

The Ripple Effect of China’s Emerging Risks: George Soros 2008 Prediction

According to prominent billionaire investor, George Soros China’s economy is so fragile that it is headed towards an inevitable collapse. In an original article published on Bloomberg‘s website, entitled, “ George Soros Sees Crisis in Global Markets That Echoes 2008,” he speaks in detail about Chinese economic woes that he believes will lead to global downfall.
The market can unexpectedly turn around , but Soros doesn’t see many positive developments as Chinese leaders struggle with forging a new economic reality. The main problem is the vulnerability of manufacturing sector, despite China’s efforts to relinquish control of the markets. It may be a problem of too little effort, as the value of the manufacturing industry continues to decline as reflected in the January data reports.

Global markets rely on China’s international manufacturing trade more than any other industry. The downfall that George Soros refers to, is the 2008 financial collapse, when all major investments drop to levels below normal, which caused a deep housing crisis and left investors with worthless assets.

The widespread impact of a seemingly weak yuan is making every industry across the globe nervous, and Soros is encouraging China to re-think its focus. As a proposed solution, China intends to strengthen the yuan by the targeted date of 2020. Soros spoke at great length about the Chinese proposal, as a guest panelist at the Sri Lankan economic forum. Because in 2008, all markets were distressed by the financial downfall of the housing industry, Soros sees the challenge as China’s inability to find new markets, which threatens the global economy.

China can help bolster a weak economy if they can successfully bolster the value of the declining yuan. The problem for China is that similar to the 2008 decline, recent reports indicate a decrease in the value of International equities to the tune of 2.7 trillion dollars, this was released in data through January 2016.

George Soros is a billionaire industry baron and has reported steady gains in the hedge fund firm he started. His expertise is valued based on the performance of his funds, which posted an average of 20 percentage points gain, since its inception, with peak years, 1969-2011. Investors recall his prediction for a 1992 bet that netted him a financial gain of $1 billion. Bloomberg lists George Soros as having a net worth of $27 billion dollars, on its annual published index.

Market analysts rely on the prediction forecasts by George Soros due his ability to pick winners and based on the long term performance of hedge fund, Soros Fund Management. The website, Stockpickr, reveals that the firms’ successful stock picks have a value of $5.8 billion dollars, as of September, 2015.


QNet Provides Contributions For Flood Relief

QNET Supports Chennai Flood Victims
The Telugu Mirachi reported a story on QNET and their contributions to the Chennai Flood Relief. This current donation was made under WE CARE. The contribution had been given in front of Mr. T Srinivas Yadav, who is the Minister for Commercial Taxes and Cinematography. This occurred at the glittering awards function.

Honouring South Indian Film And Dedicated to Relief
llFFA Utsavam is a new awards ceremony that is meant to honour South Indian Film talent. It is the first of its kind. It was being held in Hyderabad. The overall theme incorporated the Chennai flood relief. It was dedicated to this cause. The entire Indian film industry has given their full and complete support to this food relief initiative.

Supporting Causes For Those Less Privileged In India
QNET had teamed up with Lions Club International in the support of a humanitarian cause. This is an initiative in India that is providing support to those members of society that are less privileged, or they are considered to be the under privileged members within society. The initiative is WE CARE. This is a partnership between QNET and the Lions Club. This story had been reported on IBC World News.

QNET is A Leader in E-Commerce and Direct Selling
QNET is a pioneer within e-commerce, a leader in direct selling, and their humanitarian efforts are remarkable and noteworthy. QNET is under CSR banner WE CARE. They donated a Kidney Dialysis Unit to Shirdi Sai Hospital. This is in Devasandra, Bangalore.

This is a company who supports humanitarian efforts and encourages their employees to do the same.

Follow QNET on Twitter or like their Facebook page to get more information about the company.


The Amazing Interests of Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana keeps himself very active. Perhaps his previous career as a professional lacrosse player instilled in him a “stay busy” attitude. This is a good thing. His passion is contagious, and his interests do inspire others to be active as well.

Like many others, Urbana is a fan of music. He enjoys helping cast some light on artists who might not always get mainstream attention. The days of radio serving as the exclusive forum for promoting music are gone, and the internet is a fantastic forum for giving artists needed attention. Urbana’s SoundCloud profile is home to a lot of unique musical talent.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon Urbana also maintains his social media accounts in a very active manner. Twitter and Facebook are always loaded with interesting updates. His About Me profile is a great venue for amazing artwork and music. Subscribing to his Tumblr would be a good move for anyone who wishes to see some very interesting links and musings. His tweets, in particular, tie into a host of great Buzzfeed articles.

His website is a great way to check out all the great photography Urbana is known for capturing. Fine food and helping sheltered kittens are two common subjects, and they are subjects worth exploring.

And speaking of the environment, Urbana has launched a GoFundMe campaign recently to help with an earth-inspired cause. Hopefully, the campaign will do a lot of good for those supported by the fundraising.

Of course, Jon Urbana maintains his love for lacrosse. In addition to boasting a solid professional sports career, Urbana was a standout for Villanova University. Today, he is still active in the sport. Urbana’s new role is that of a trainer, and he runs the very successful Next Level Lacrosse Camp in Colorado.

The Gourmet Dog Food Revolution

Now more than ever pet owners are demanding better quality food for their beloved pets. Pet food companies are making the shift from preservative ladened kibbles, treats, and canned foods. The quality of the fresh ingredients are amazing. Fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, and whole grains are all included in the new food selections available. Organic, nutritious, and tasty is now the order of the day. Here you can see how serious the manufacturers are about what they are doing. It goes without saying that this will cost a bit extra, but you will get what you pay for and more. Pet food companies are going above and beyond with their recipes. Such gourmet selections like lamb and chicken and ingredients like kale and sweet potatoes are being offered for the health benefits they possess. It doesn’t stop there, though. Purina has a website that allows pet owners to customized their food blends to fit the needs of their dogs. One step beyond that Purina has a line of dog food that caters exclusively to older dogs and helps give a boost to their metabolism. Even though there are a number of dog food brands that are doing so many wonderful things, I’d like to highlight one in particular. As stated above, Purina has a lot going on. Their most popular brand on Facebook, Beneful is right in the thick of this dog food gourmet market. Founded in 2001, Beneful has made it a priority to have quality products that vary in taste and type. They have a variety of wet, dry, and snack foods that are of great benefit to man’s best friend. Beneful’s dry food comes with either real chicken, beef or salmon, and has mixes specifically for overweight dogs, small dogs, and puppies. The wet food comes two ways, either in a can, with the recipe being called a Medley, or in a plastic resealable container called Blends. With a mix of lamb, tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach I dare anyone to say that doesn’t at least sound delicious. Finally, let’s talk about these snacks. The regular snacks have ingredients like real bacon and come in a bunch of wacky shapes. Always mindful of both pet and owner the other variety of snack helps promote the dogs dental health and fresh breath. All-in-all what’s being done with dog food now is a long time coming and very welcome.

The Types of Amenities You Find at Places like Manse on the Marsh

Generally, all assisted living facilities offer their residents prepared meals three times each day. They also help with laundry and light housekeeping needs. Depending on the assisted living community, residents may have more access to amenities that feel like home. The amenities offer typically go what a facility believes is important to residents. That’s why it can be so hard for potential residents and their families looking for the best assisted living facility.

Manse on the Marsh Strives to Provide Exceptional Care and Plenty of Amenities
Those in the California area, Manse on the Marsh may be at the top of potential residents’ lists. Manse on the Marsh has been called a unique independent assisted living community. Located in downtown San Luis Obispo, the facility has been described as offering the ideal combination of fine dining, privacy, personal care and socialization. Judging by the amenities, it is living up to its top-of-the-list status of assisted living facilities.

The living arrangements at the facility ranges from apartments to free-standing cottages and shared rooms. Besides planned activities and outings offered by Manse on the Marsh, it also features:

• Shared spaces to host parties and events
• Beauty shop
• Barber shop
• TV room
• Hiking trails
• Resident parking
• Transportation for residents

Dining Options Go Beyond the Typical Food Offered
Dining options aren’t the typical bland food many think about when wondering about food served at assisted living facilities. Food at Manse on the Marsh is prepared by chefs, and is a big part of why they are so well reviewed. Some residents interested in cooking their own meals can do so. For example, dining options include:

• In-room kitchenettes
• Meals served in a shared dining area
• Meals delivered to residents’ rooms
• In-room, full kitchens with ovens included

Other Services Offered at Manse on the Marsh
A lot of the activities offered at Manse on the Marsh depends on the needs of residents. For example, medical management services is available along with hospice care. Guests services consists of:

• Attending meals
• Having ample parking space
• Staying overnight with the residents

The latter is often important for families wanting to stay with residents to ensure everything is fine.

Cleaning services are also offered to residents. Cleaning services range from:
• Housekeeping
• Laundry service for linens
• Laundry services for clothes
• Private cleaning services

Not every assisted living facility allows residents to have pets. However, Manse on the Marsh does. In fact, all pets are allowed. This can be peace of mind for many potential residents with pets who don’t want to find new owners for them.

Manse on the Marsh has been called a unique facility for a reason. With the extra amenities and features offered, it strives to make a family-like setting for residents. For potential residents, Manse on the Marsh may be worth looking into.