Lime Crime Bringing New Styles

For anyone who has purchased makeup anytime in the last several years, they are going to find that most of the makeup designers and manufactures produce just about the exact some product with the exact same colors. Now, there might be a bit of a difference when it comes to overall quality and the ingredients used to produce the product, but for the most part, anyone who wants something that has more color in it has been completely out of luck. That is why Lime Crime has come into the fold. The company is all about offering something different and unique. It is about making sure clients can choose the kinds of shades and designs that they can produce with their face and makeup look and not be regulated to the small selection of what the more traditional makeup companies offer them. For anyone who finds this interesting and wants to look as good as possible, all they need to do is check out the beauty products available from Lime Crime.

How is Lime Crime Different?

Lime Crime is on the forefront of color design for their customers. While the company does have a small variation of some of the more basic colors that someone might want to wear in a traditional setting, the vast majority of the colors and looks the company produces are bold and bright and designed for very specific individuals. These colors include bright lime greeds to bold cheery reds, lushes purples and just about any other pastel and vibrant color a person can think of. Plus, the colors blend beautifully together, so it is pretty easy for anyone to take the colors they are looking for, blend the colors together and make it exactly what they have been wanting.

So What Kind of Products Are There?

There are many different kind of products available from Lime Crime. Sure, anyone can find the regular blush, eye shadow and eye liner, but they are able to also select a variation of lip gloss and lipstick for their look. They can choose to go with something such as a nail polish, different glitter offerings and really anything else they might want. There are even hair care products for treating hair to a different color or style. Whatever it is someone is looking for, they are going to find it with Lime Crime.

For anyone who is looking to stand out and who wants to showcase their own, personal style, they can do exactly this with the help of Lime Crime. Before Lime Crime came onto the beauty scene, most individuals were stuck with just the basic colors and they had to alter their overall looks or styles in order to fit what was available on the market. Now though, that is completely different and it is possible to showcase whatever someone wants, whenever they want to. For the perfect beauty design and look, all that is needed is a bit of Lime Crime in the color of their choice.

James Dondero Defines Success

James Dondero is someone who is a leader in exhibiting success. This leadership is why Mr. Dondero is managing over 21 billion dollars as portfolio manager for Highland Capital Management. It is also the reason why he is sought after and serves as a board member and advisor of other firms as diverse as Cornerstone Healthcare and MGM Studios.
Mr. Dondero began his career in the field in which he has excelled. After obtaining degrees from the University of Virginia and McIntire School of Commerce, Mr. Dondero commenced working with Morgan Guaranty Trust Company where he completed their financial training program. In 1985 he commenced working with American Express where he managed a fixed income investment portfolio of over one billion dollars. He followed this success at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary where he took the program from being just a concept in 1989 to over 2 billion dollars in assets by 1993. This was followed by similar tenures at NexBank and Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holdings. He continues to serve as Chairman of the Board and director at each of these companies.
Where Mr. Dondero of has shone brightest is in the development of Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLO’s). Helping to lead the way in developing these securities has made Mr. Dondero a true leader in high return investments while mitigating the risks. By taking a pool of loans which are low rated and grouping them together, the investor reaps the benefit of the higher interest rate return while spreading the risk of default among a number of different borrowers. This has provided a much needed source of capital for business while not putting the investor at the same level of risk as a single lower rated bond.
While Mr. Dondero has achieved great success in the world of finance, he is passionate in philanthropy pursuits. He led HCM to issue the $1 Million Challenge Grant program which is raising money for Snowball Express. Snowball Express assists children of fallen veterans. The Challenge has been successful in getting funds raised, including a recent $70,000.00 grant from the Gary Sinise Foundation. Mr. Dondero believes in giving back to those who have given so much to this country.
In addition to veteran’s issues, Mr. Dondero gives extensively to programs to enhance excellence in education. One such outlet for Mr. Dondero’s donations in support of education has been through the Santa Barbara Foundation which recently issued almost $700,000.00 in grants to 17 non-profit groups supporting excellence in education. Mr. Dondero selected the Santa Barbara Foundation as a vehicle for HCM’s donations due to the quality of their community outreach programs.
James Dondero defines success. His career is a blueprint for success. Learn, work hard and seek out innovation is one half of success. The other half is giving unselfishly to community and country. Applying this balance is why Mr. Dondero enjoys real success in business and in life.

Breaking Free: Yeonmi Park

If you are one to keep up with the news at all, then you are familiar with Yeonmi Park.
She is a 21 year old North Korean Defector who has been grabbing many headlines lately.
She was raised in the hostile and oppressive land from birth.

She became a defector after her father was imprisoned for having metal delivered to
China. Her mother was the one to keep her safe and show her the tricks to stay alive
in such a place. Yeonmi has even spoke of her shock on at the way American children are
encouraged to express themselves.

That is something unheard of in North Korea. And a breath of fresh air to a person
born in a land of oppression and dictatorship.

Park can recall many instances while in school, whereby the teachers would teach the
children math lessons by using dead Americans as math components. Things like “There
are ten Americans, and if you kill five, how many are left?”

Much of North Korea is operated like a prison state. The level of dictatorship bleeds
into every facet of the culture. You are told what and how to think and act. There
is tolerance for resistance. You will follow orders or else.

She is now in attendance at Dongguk University in Seol, where she is majoring in
criminal justice. Her message is being heard loud and clear now. She is regularly
a guest on shows like Radio Free Asia, BBC2 and Voice of America.

Among her other ventures, Park is also a volunteer at NAUH (Now, Action, Unity
and Human Rights) as well as being a volunteer Ambassador of the Teach North Korean
Refugees program to boot. She definitely has her plate full and is showing no sign
of slowing down either.

It was 2007 when Yeonmi and her mother fled the oppressive nation. On the one hand,
they had to deal with the constant threat of being caught. On the other hand, were
the inherent dangers of the trip. One of them being the threat of rape, that turned
out to be the mothers fate, to protect her daughter.

This was just before being sold into the world of human traffic. A proposition is
given to Yeonmi to become a mistress to see her family again. She reluctantly
agrees to the terms in order for her family to be with her. The reunion is short
lived however, due to her father being crippled by colon cancer.

She had to bury his remains in the dead of night alone. A cold reminder of the
situation at hand. The need to escape China was undeniably evident. Park being
quoted as saying “We wanted to live like human beings with dignity.”

Her story is a very moving and inspirational one, if not tragically so. It is a
real life account of the determination of the human spirit to be free.

We are sure to see more acts of compassion from this young soul who has seen
so much inhumanity.

Doe Deere: Making Lime Crime Makeup Tart Sassy and True

Let’s be honest here: Women adore wearing makeup, and not only in the United States; I unearthed some fascinating stats on lipstick alone. These numbers blow my mind:

Every year, some 900 million lipsticks are sold globally. European ladies are going for the major glam and seem to love their lipsticks the most — 300 million tubes are sold in Europe alone.

I love wearing makeup and have been since I was 13 years old; what’s even more fun is applying cosmetics when you’re young and unafraid to go bold and be seen. That reminds me about the genius of Doe Deere’s beloved makeup line, Lime Crime. Her gorgeous bright palette of lipsticks, eye shadows, nails and tiny pots of glitter here and there allow young women to express themselves in a pretty variety of ways.

Doe Deere according to storyexchange is a young CEO at age 34. The Russian-born beauty moved to the United States when she was 17; Doe had hopes of becoming a musician, but she also loved playing around with makeup. In 2008, Lime Crime makeup was born.

Doe created the company, because she loved wearing vibrant fun makeup and could not hunt down these bold shades, so she started making her own lippies and eventually her own cosmetics line and the rest as they say, is beauty history.

Doe Deere likes to call herself the Unicorn Queen, and her lipsticks in their bright whimsical colors reflect her vision. Unicorn Lipstick is tart and sassy just like the Lime Crime name. These are 20 tubes of eye-catching pops of color; lipsticks in a rainbow halo for you to choose from. I am partial to the peachy prettiness of Babette and deep burgundy of Glamour 101. These Unicorn lipsticks are a must-see and must-buy tube of fun!

Lime Crime cosmetics are for the modern girl, the chick who likes living on the edge just a bit and believes wholeheartedly in freedom of expression as well as freedom of choice.

Women get tired of the makeup uniform, if you will, and you know what we’re talking about. I mean the typical foundation, blush, neutral eye shadows, plain Jane lipsticks and neutral nails. I don’t want to be that frightened woman who colors inside the lines.

Lime Crime makeup lets women color outside the lines and create their own beauty palette. Zodiac Glitter is such a blast to wear; your eyes will never look so amazing! You can mix two shades together for the perfect party eye makeup; you can even glitter your tongue–just make sure it’s edible.

Lime Crime cosmetics is simply a whole bunch of fun. Period. I think we need more of that is this world. Doe Deere’s been on the right track all along.

Eucatex is an Excellent Member of the Brazilian Community

Today, Brazil is known for manufacturing many products such as automobiles, motorcycles, coffee, Brazil nuts, apparel, construction, fixtures, packaging and paper and furnishings and paint, but this country hasn’t always been a worldwide exporter.Eucatex has been a major contributor to the transformation since the beginning of the 1900s and has far exceeded the standards of most manufacturing corporations rising to the top.

What is Eucatex?

Eucatex is a multi-manufacturing company that began as a small Eucalyptus paneling factory in 1951 founded by Flavio Maluf. Flavio had previously owned a company called Americana Sawmill Americana that he started in 1923. This small company was his preparation for Eucatex. Eucatex began in one warehouse in Sao Paulo, which grew quickly, adding more products, more manufacturing plants and more offices. Flavio turned the everyday management of Eucatex to his son, Paulo, while he remained head of the Maluf Family and chairman of the board of Eucatex.

In 2011, Eucatex celebrated their 60th anniversary. The total number of employees was over 2,200, and the company exported products to 37 countries. Eucatex has four offices and three plants in Sao Paulo its headquarters in Brazil, two Forestries and a Seedling Nursery in Sao Paulo and overseas they have a North American office located in Georgia and an office in Germany, which services Europe and the Far East. The Maluf Family have come a long way from the old warehouse where Eucatex got its start.

What Makes Eucatex Stand Out From the Average Brazilian Company?

Eucatex manufactures a common item, Eucalyptus, in many different ways, and this has an impact on its competitors, but there are other differentiating factors to consider.

1) To begin with, Eucatex operates on an ethical and moral policy that is used in every area of the company. In recent years, they have developed a “Morals Channel” where employees and customers are free to comment on how the company is upholding the policy.
2) Eucatex believes in supporting the community, and so they lease land from the local farmers for Eucalyptus trees.
3) For the past 15 years, Eucatex has run the “House of Nature”, which is an Environmental Education Program. To date, 22,000 visitors have been through the facility and walking the trails learning more about environmentally safe ways to conserve the planet.
4) Recycling of all types of wood is performed to reduce pollution. Eucatex uses the wood residue to generate energy.

There are more ways Eucatex conscientiously contributes to the community and the people who live there, and they have been earning rewards for their excellent participation since 1997. This is a company that excels in their products as well as being a positive contributing part of the community. These are major reasons for their success.