From a small seed, a humongous tree grows. The concept of the seed not only applies to trees but also in human life. Kevin Griffin is a living illustration of the notion of the human life. Griffin is one of the highest-earning hedge fund managers in the world today. The interesting part of Ken Griffin’sRead more »

Unfortunately, in the world today, many people are subject to being ridiculed, especially if they are overweight. Being overweight is not a problem for some people, even if they are significantly overweight to the point where they’ve been told that their life depends on losing weight. Even if a person is not bothered by theRead more »

For anyone who has purchased makeup anytime in the last several years, they are going to find that most of the makeup designers and manufactures produce just about the exact some product with the exact same colors. Now, there might be a bit of a difference when it comes to overall quality and the ingredientsRead more »

James Dondero is someone who is a leader in exhibiting success. This leadership is why Mr. Dondero is managing over 21 billion dollars as portfolio manager for Highland Capital Management. It is also the reason why he is sought after and serves as a board member and advisor of other firms as diverse as CornerstoneRead more »

If you are one to keep up with the news at all, then you are familiar with Yeonmi Park. She is a 21 year old North Korean Defector who has been grabbing many headlines lately. She was raised in the hostile and oppressive land from birth. She became a defector after her father was imprisonedRead more »

Let’s be honest here: Women adore wearing makeup, and not only in the United States; I unearthed some fascinating stats on lipstick alone. These numbers blow my mind: Every year, some 900 million lipsticks are sold globally. European ladies are going for the major glam and seem to love their lipsticks the most — 300Read more »

Today, Brazil is known for manufacturing many products such as automobiles, motorcycles, coffee, Brazil nuts, apparel, construction, fixtures, packaging and paper and furnishings and paint, but this country hasn’t always been a worldwide exporter.Eucatex has been a major contributor to the transformation since the beginning of the 1900s and has far exceeded the standards ofRead more »