At Maidan, a new Ukraine was born. Maidan, Ukraine’s independence square based in Kiev, has served to unify Ukrainian’s resolve to reform their country from the policies of past oligarchs. The Russian military is supporting separatists located in eastern Ukraine. Irrespective of the subsisting military assault, the populace of Ukraine remains focused on their goalRead more »

Securus Technologies is a top technology company, which is based in Dallas, Texas and offers service to institutions in the criminal and civil services industry. The company’s products and services are of great importance to about 3450 institutions that house approximately 1.2 million inmates. Most of Securus’ clients are based in North America and itsRead more »

The Latino Show Magazine, reveals Venezuelans are suffering and the real cause behind it is not droughts or low oil prices on the market. The real reason why Venezuela is falling apart is because it is under the rule of a socialist system. There are several key elements of socialism and they can be explainedRead more »

Do you ever wake up and find yourself having one of those hair days? You know the ones where your locks lack shine and just won’t seem to cooperate with your comb? Trying to tame your hair into submission can be a real hassle and a half, but with the right products, it does getRead more »

Finding a good place to work can be a challenge. It often seems that regardless where you work, or what you do there will be both positives and negatives. White Shark Media is a company that has a solid track of keeping employees happy and well taken care of. With their history of taking careRead more »

When your hair looks great, you know it, and your self-esteem grows higher, but when you’re having too many bad hair days, it’s frustrating. contributor Emily McClure was tired of fighting her flat, dull hair, so she decided to try what the whole world already knows, that the WEN system delivers. WEN by ChazRead more »

It is no secret that bad press has a negative impact on sales. With search results and reviews available on Google, a business can lose as many as 22% of its customers from a negative article or review found on one of its products or services. The more negative reviews and articles that come upRead more »

Venezuela is a country in the middle of major economic downturn. Due to rising poverty, crime is rising. Meanwhile, violence came to Venezuelan politics. President Maduro’s popularity is declining and the opposition has gathered 1.8 million signatures calling for a referendum to remove him from the office. This may lead to further chaos feared NorkaRead more »

The Middlesex County Improvement Authority is in hot water after defaulting on a $20 million loan that was backed by the Casino Reinvestment Authority in 2005. According to public records, the $1 million principal and interest payment is only the tip of the iceberg. Middlesex has been in arears since 2011 and currently owes $7Read more »

What is FreedomPop, you may wonder? This is a new service that will launch in Spain with a free WhatsApp to go with it. This new service allows users to have limited minutes and data for their phone plan, and pay when they want more minutes and data. This free app they are launching willRead more »

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