21st Century Cancer Awareness Through Multiple Avenues

The fight against cancer has been a long, grueling process throughout the years. Among men, prostate cancer is actually the most common form of cancer. Creating awareness is the key to help cut down on new cases. The National Treatment Centers of America has teamed up with the National Football League Alumni Association and LabCorp for the greater good of mankind. These three progressive thinking powerhouses are creating awareness, are providing education and are increasing access to screenings. Men who are at least 40 years old and can meet the specific criteria can sign up to receive Prostate Specific Antigen screenings between Sept. 1 through Oct. 15. The American Cancer Society predicts that over 160,000 men will be diagnosed this year alone. That’s equal to one in every seven men.

African-Americans are at a higher risk than other races of men. The numbers state that there is a 70 percent likelihood for these men to develop this disease. All testing will go through LabCorp since this company provides world-class health & diagnostic solutions. The NFL Alumni Association is forward thinking also as former players, coaches, cheerleaders and staffers will assist and inform other players. Leading a healthy life is the end goal and the (NFLA) will offer numerous financial, medical and social programs.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America specializes in serving adult cancer patients. The organization’s headquarters is in Boca Raton, Florida, but it has a network of five hospitals across the nation in:

  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Tulsa
  • Phoenix
  • Philadelphia

The (CTCA) uses conventional approaches such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation to fight cancer. The organization was founded back in 1988 by Richard J. Stephenson, and it has grown dramatically over the years thanks to its progressive approach to fighting cancer.

Freedom Financial: How to Gain Financial Freedom

Freedom Debt Relief is possible. The Freedom Financial Network is all about freeing people from the choke-hold of extreme debt for over 400,000 customers. Customers get a free evaluation on which loans to choose. Freedom Financial Asset Management is another product offered by Freedom Financial. FreedomPlus is a by invitation only product offering unsecured debt consolidation product.

Freedom Financial Network comes from a start-up to growing to a large company, gaining recognition, becoming an established leader, and finally setting goals with thousands of teammates. Freedom Financial hires for underwriting, data entry, customer service, negotiations and marketing data analysis.

Added to current financial stress is the way Equifax got hacked. Hackers accessed private data such as Social Security numbers, birth dates, and addresses, information that belonged to 143 million Americans. You can register for free credit reporting and credit monitoring on Equifax.

A credit freeze is optional to place with your credit cards so nobody can use it. Reviewing your credit for free is also possible by contacting each credit bureau individually. It is also important to check your bank and credit accounts for unauthorized activity. Reporting suspicious account activity is also necessary as is canceling your credit card and issuing a new one. Click here to know more.

Prevent scammers from using your information by shredding documents with your personal information on it. Do not give any information to random people who call you on top of that. Scammers have many ways of getting information from an innocent person. Children do not have credit records. You need to check their credit when they reach their teens. Criminals wait until after the new year to file taxes early, claiming your refund as their own. You do not have to be a helpless victim of identity fraud.


Omar Yunes Bags World’s Best Franchisee Award

Omar Yunes, a top Sushi Otto franchisee, emerged as the winner in a ceremony seeking to find the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW). Omar Yunes scooped the award due to his immense contribution to Sushi Otto. The awards took place on December 5, 2015 in the city of Florence, Italy. Omar started off as a franchisee with the brand at the age of 21 and so far has upped that number to 13 units found in Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico City. His stake alone makes up about 10% of all the total units that the brand owns.


Omar Yunes expressed his huge delight at winning the accolade. He quickly added that he was just acting as a representative of his units as in actual sense the award belongs to the over 400 employees employed in his units. He also dedicated the award to Sushi Otto for granting him the freedom to innovate. The CEO of Sushi Otto, Benjamin Cancelmo, stated that the awards were important as they manifest the joint efforts of both parties in offering customers a unique hospitality, remarkable flavor and great service.

Diego Elizarrarras, BFW Mexico organizer, stated that Omar Yunes emerged as the winner due to the important role he played in the whole franchising-franchise correlation. He achieved a greater information management system. Omar also implemented control boards that have helped in having better and clear measurements for every unit.

Other Winners

Ivan Tamer, a Prendamex franchisee emerged as number two in the Mexican division. This was due to their implementation as well as tools provision to come up with a fresh marketing system that is currently used to run the pawnshops network. Ivan Tamer has contributed a lot in the franchise development and started parameters that remain unique in the network.

About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is the son of Miguel Angel Yunes, a Mexican politician. Omar is a successful businessman with interests in restaurants through the franchise of Sushi Otto and in real estate. He made his mark in the entrepreneurial world in 2011 after he invested around 34 million pesos to buy properties and various developments based in Polanco, Mexico City.

Visit his website: http://omaryunessays.com/

Why Aloha Construction is a go-to Company for all your Home Repair Needs

Aloha Construction, Inc. is a successful family-held and managed local company that operates in all of Illinois and southern Wisconsin. The company has grown from just a small family venture into an industry with impressive track record.

Why Should you Choose Aloha Construction

• Team of Specialists

It boasts field inspectors, supervisors, office team, claim specialists, and installers who have all collaborated with each other and witnessed the successful completion of over 7000 local ventures. Aloha Construction has bonded and trusted roofers who are capable of undertaking local roofing, flashing, and repair damaged shingles. Aside from roofing services, the experts are an impeccable fit for revamping and remodeling homes.

1. Time Management and Quality Work

Time management is a key factor when selecting an ideal contractor. For this reason, Aloha Construction ensures that clients get the desired services in time. Aside from timely completion of project in question, the company ensures that it stacks up against its competition by offering high-quality services and cleaning up after the work is done.

2. Customer Follow Up

The team at Aloha ensures that it follows up on all their customers to make sure that they are satisfied with the services rendered. This endeavor allows the company to gain customer feedback.

3. All-Round Business

Aloha Construction is readily available to handle varying home repair needs, whether minor or major. Here are some of the services that it offers:

• Window Replacement

In this case, Aloha professionals can install a new window regardless of its make. They can also handle repair, replacement, and installation services of multiple screens on your windows.

• Siding

Aloha Construction has experts who are trained and experienced in repairing, replacing or installing the siding of your home. For more info about us: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/aloha-construction-2 click here.

• Roofing

Aloha relies on its 9-step inspection process to determine the condition of your roof before repairing. This process helps to determine the extent of damage, especially of the shingles.

• Gutter

To prevent water from stagnating around your home after a downpour, Aloha offers quality gutter elbows, miters and guards to avert such a problem.

Julia Jackson: Revamping The Art of Winemaking

Julia JacksonWinemaking is truly an art form. Many people think of it as just a simple process of picking grapes from a vine. If it were that simple then everyone would be producing this flavorfully rich beverage. Winemaking does require the selecting and storing of grapes, but there are many other important factors. The soil, the region’s climate and the growing conditions play a vital role in producing quality grapes. Who’s better to understand the process of vinification more so than Julia Jackson? This remarkable woman is the proprietor of Jackson Family Wines. This company has been in business since 1982, and it has flourished thanks to its variety of wines. Founded by the late Jess Jackson, he instilled in his family a sense of purpose and hard work.Julia is just one of many siblings, and they all had to earn their place within the business. This came from working long hours in the fields of the Pacific Northwest.Julia Jackson

As a child, Julia would have to sort and pick grapes with her siblings, but who knew that this would manifest into a full-fledged career. Julia has attended Stanford University as well as Scripps College. While working in one of the family’s wineries in France, Julia began to get a better appreciation of the winemaking process. This is when her passion truly took over as she began to learn all about the business, and its many divisions.With such success, she is operating her very own nonprofit organization. Cambria Seeds of Empowerment celebrates female leadership and ambition. Jackson Family Wines also benefits from Julia’s work as she designs the company website, and she designs the art of the bottles. Clone 4 Chardonnay is very popular as it has the perfect balance of acidity and fruit flavoring. Julia Jackson’s talent can’t be denied, and her love for winemaking can’t be discredited.

Richard Mishaan; Design a World Leader in Interior Design

Richard Mishaan Design is a world recognized leader in interior design and landscape architecture. Mr. Mishaan founded the firm in the year 1991. Mr. Mishaan is as well one of the principal designers in the company. The company has over twenty years of experience of creating timeless and ingenious interiors in the design industry. Mishaan Design is excellent, flawless and artistic. Mishaan Design has a diverse range of clients, including commercial and industries. Mishaan Design is recognized internationally as the producer of highly innovative designs for prominent projects globally. The Mishaan interior design headquarters in New York.Richard Mishaan Design is the world best architects and designers.

The Richard Mishaan interior design and architecture taste is unbelievably unique and charming.Richard Mishaan Design is the best choice for the creation of a beautiful house.Mr. Mishaan has featured consistently in numerous magazines including Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, and Interior Design Magazines. Richard Mishaan Design is a reputable company for creation of an advanced, luxurious and a stylish resort and home internal designs. Mishaan Design firm has collaborated with several world famous interior works including the trump world towers and Shelbourne hotel.Richard Mishaan is a Columbian partly raised in Italy. He joined the University of Columbia and attained a degree in architecture.

Later in the year 1978, Richard Mishaan moved to New York City where he acquired a bachelor’s degree in Arts from the University of New York. Richard started his career at Philip Johnson organization as an assistant in interior design, style, and structure field. Richard Mishaan acknowledges his passion for interior style and inspiration from his childhood remembrances of the compelling nature of Colombia. Mr. Richard Mishaan is also a prolific writer. He contributed in writing insightful books including Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern both published by the Monacelli Press.

Talk Fusion Introduces Free Trial User Account

When you go to start a business in 2017 what is one of the most important aspects? The most important aspect that many people are starting to understand is their video presence. Bob Reina, founder of Talk Fusion, understood how important video marketing would become in the world of business and it had him to, in 2007, establish Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion saw an opening in the market for a company that would offer complete marketing services to connect both customer and client. Now Talk Fusion is more successful than ever and they are seeking to bring more potential partners into the fold with their 30 Day Free Trial User account.

Most people who come across free trial offers are right to be skeptic about what is actually on offer. Here we can see that Talk Fusion lives up to their word and their brand in giving away a free trial account with absolutely no strings attached. New users who are interested in working with the Talk Fusion video marketing suite only need an email address and a username to join the website. Once inside of the website free trial users are treated just like full and regular paying customers with the exception being their 30 day limitation.

What free trial users are allowed to access can help fundamentally change the way their business operates. Among the many tools available are the Video Chat application that recently won the 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award. Video Chat is able to link up people anywhere in the world for face to face communication, across platforms and across operating devices. Other tools include the Live Newsletters, the Video Email application, and a compendium of information available throughout the extensive library of how to guides. CEO Bob Reina says, “There is absolutely no comparison in the world to the value that we bring.”

Talk Fusion is suitable for individuals, businesses, and non-profits. Talk Fusion is looking to 2017 in order to improve upon their core services while streamlining their website and reaching out to new customers all around the 150 countries that they are available in. Learn more: https://video-chat.talkfusion.com/


Special Report: Cancer Solutions by Cancer Treatment Centers of America

A huge number of men are diagnosed with prostate cancer yearly. Prostate cancer is the common and hazardous cancer among men. To increase its awareness and education, the National Football League Alumni Association (NFLA), LabCorpR and Cancer Treatment Centers of AmericaR (CTCA) partnered to educate men about prostate cancer, the importance of having early screenings and are also increasing access to the screenings.

2,000 men who are mainly above 40 years from September 1 to October 15are expected to sign up to get a free Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). LabCorp does the screening at any of its 1,750 branches throughout the U.S. After the 2,000 free PSA screening spots are done, eligible men are still allowed to schedule for another screening at a 25$ discount price throughout the sign-up period. The screenings are expected to be undertaken within six months of the signup date.

The American Cancer Society estimates if one in seven men are predicted to be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, therefore 161,360 new prostate cancer diagnoses will arise by the end of 2017. There are major trigger factors such as family history and race where African-Americans have over 70% likelihood of getting prostate cancer. Those around these factors are advised to get screened at the age of early 40s.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a national network consisting of five hospitals serving adult cancer patients. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides a unique approach to taking care of patients. It offers advancements in surgery, radiation, treatments, chemotherapy, cancer treatment, and immunotherapy.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has evidence-informed supportive therapies helping patients both physically and emotionally while controlling the side effects. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has hospitals in Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Tulsa where they work to serve patients globally. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is passionate about helping cancer patients attain a stable and happy life.

CEO Rick Smith Is Evolving Securus Technologies With His Strong Work Experience

Rick Smith has worked in communications for many years and is currently the President and CEO of Securus Technologies. Rick started his Technological career more than twenty years ago employed at Frontier Corporation, working his way up the promotion ladder eventually becoming the Vice President of financial management. It was at Frontier that Mr. Smith would hone his leadership skills, working several different positions to gain work experience.Mr. Smith left Frontier Corp. in 1998 to work as the chief financial officer for Eschelon Telecom Inc. Rick worked in this position for nearly two years and then started working in duel roles for Echelon Telecom Inc. In the year 1999 Rick became the Chief Operating Officer.

A position Rick would hold until 2003 while he performed other management positions at the same time. In the year 2000 Rick was promoted to President of Eschelon Telecom Inc. while remaining the Chief Operating Officer. Rick would hold both positions until he is promoted to Chief Executive Officer in 2003.Mr. Smith has been with his current company since 2008, where he has held multiple positions be becoming the President and CEO of Securus Technologies. This position has been a good fit for Mr. Smith’s electrical engineering and technology background. Rick is a multiple college degree holder with a strong tech background, which is why Securus Technologies is such a good fit for Rick.

Mr. Smith has stated that Securus receives many letters every week regarding the safety and security software that Mr. Smith and his staff create and update on a weekly basis.Most of the letters praise the newer voice recognition technology, which allows investigators the chance to pattern one voice over multiple conversations with different persons of interest. Other customers have praised the customer service department for their fast actions and professionalism when dealing with time sensitive materials. Mr. Smith takes pride in what Securus Technologies has achieved and promises to continue the vision of Securus Technologies keeping inmates, families, and public buildings safe and secure. Under Mr. Smith’s direction Securus has patented more safety and security technology than any other inmates communications company. To read more about Mr. Smith, please click here.

FreedomPlus Easing Back to School Stress

It’s the final month of summer and preparing for back to school can be very stressing. However, here are guides to ease the pressure:

Get the Supply Early

Going for school shopping without a plan is stressful. Kevin Gallegos, the vice president of Phoenix at Freedom Financial Network, advises parents to secure a supply list from the school. The list can be online on the school’s website or the school can send through email.

Have a Budget

Gallegos encourages establishing a budget. First set your goals and for the child then create the budget. Go through the supplies at home, the kid’s room or your home office to avoid buying items you have. Make a list on what you should purchase and what can wait then carry the list. Moreover, you can try shopping the last minute as most shops have offers.

Stock Up on Supplies

With the school list, the shopping list and your budget at hand, you are ready to go to the store.

Classroom Supplies

Ana Homayoun, the founder of Green Ivy Educational Consulting, advises on classroom items that help your child create and maintain a workable organization system. She recommends 5-7 binder dividers, a hardback binder, written planner and a reinforced binder paper. School supply list may depend on age and grade, but the above items are all-rounded.

Moreover, you should go for clothing shopping whether uniform or casual wears. After schools have opened, prepare meals early, attend orientation, have a daily routine for the child, check homework, schedule sleeping time and have extracurricular activities.

FreedomPlus is a company that lends focused on underwriting loans to subprime and prime consumers. FreedomPlus is a consumer brand of the San Mateo, California Company called Freedom Financial Network. Many parents use FreedomPlus to sustain their goals for school shopping. FreedomPlus has benefited a lot of people in need of financial support.

About FreedomPlus: my.freedomplus.com/