Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva explains why he founded MB2 Dental.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental and is an active practitioner who has spent time in both corporate and personal practitioner dentistry. He started the company with a vision of supporting other practitioners and also to continue as a practitioner as well. He started the business after realizing that the practitioners in the field lacked professional assistance. The company currently has 533 employees and is spread over 70 affiliated locations in six states and through the leadership of Dr. Chris, it’s looking forward to continuity excellence. Through the company, his vision was both to make profit and completely change the way dental practice is managed. The company helps the practitioners through support, personal growth, autonomy and excellent customer service management skills. In the long run, the operating standards of the practitioners are improved through programs initiated by the company.

After graduation from Dental School, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva points that he had two options. He was either to join a large group of other practitioners with the same mindset or start his own dental facility with a complete clinical autonomy where state of the art dental services would be provided and that is how MB2 was born. The primary focus of the company is patients first. As a tech-savvy dentist, Chris adds that he is fascinated by how technology is changing things especially in the dental field which are improving the connection between the dentist and the patient. Dr. Chris notes that to be successful in the dental profession, one must be jovial to build honesty with workmates and clients. He says that it’s always good to be at the right place and time and one should separate work time and fun time. Dr. Villanueva is dedicated and committed to ensuring that the dental profession is maintained in high regard. He believes that there is a need for the integrity to be built in the profession by ensuring that only the approved practices are allowed.

Dr. Chris also advised his fellow practitioners to embrace IT because to him and his company, it has made wonders by minimizing mistakes and taking care of downtime. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva studied in South America and Asia away from his Ohio home. After completing his high school studies in Caracas, Venezuela, he joined the University of Florida where he graduated with BS degree in Microbiology. He is also a holder of DMD (Doctors of Dental Medicine) degree from Nova Southern University.


MB2 Dental solutions is an organization made up of affiliated dentists whose aim is to provide exceptional services to their patients. The locations of the organization are in six states: Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Los Angeles, Tennessee, and Alaska. In each state office, they have a suite of services to help them run efficiently and effectively without forgoing proper patient care. This organization is purely family oriented. The managers and leaders are very supportive and respectful. They take time to know their employees at a personal level. This act provides a calm and open atmosphere that gives everyone an equal opportunity to grow.

MB2 Dental solutions provide a solid base for anyone in the dentistry field to shine. It welcomes new professionals into the dental industry and helps you maximize your potential. They equip newbies with unmatched expertise, and within a short period, you flourish in your profession. Apart from pure dentistry, MB2 Dental Solutions also offer dental practice affiliation opportunities for anyone who joins the team. They will teach you HR issues and how to go about payrolls. They will give you lessons on how to cost-effectively market the practice, maintain compliance and credibility.
All the affiliate dental offices have most of their values aligned with maintaining the integrity of the profession. For this reason, every new associate is guaranteed four things. Clinical independence in the sense that ones you are oriented, nobody will keep micromanaging you. You will have a chance to do your work with minimal supervision. Besides that, you get a community of supportive mentors and colleagues comprising of people who have worked for the organization for so long. Compensation transparency is another plus to joining the organization; all the work you do is rewarded transparently. Furthermore, you get growth opportunities; there are limitless opportunities in the organization as long as you keep working smart.
MB2 Dental solutions are a great organization for both doctors and patients. Providing the best working conditions for their employees gives them a chance to focus their energy on meeting the needs of their patients. On the brighter side, an associate dentist can progress and grow their career as fast as their skills and drive can take them.

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Neurocore and their information

The human brain might be one of the most complex organs ever. Some people are mature when they are young, while others might have to wait until their 20s for their frontal cortex to develop. It also doesn’t help that many problems can’t be identified until an autopsy. Neurocore has posted some facts about depression.

One is that depression doesn’t always have physical symptoms. The person could be perfectly happy and not have a varying personality. However the biological and psychological problems will still happen. Visit indeed.com to know more about Neurocore.

Suicide besides drug use, is one of the biggest killers in young people. Depression is a major factor in suicide. Young people are going to school and have a lot of pressure on them. This forces them to study hard and not have as much time to sleep which will take a toll on them.

The disease of depression can take a physical toll. There is a misconception that depression is only mental and psychological, but that is not the case. You can receive headaches, stomachaches and your brain will look different.

Depression causes many disabilities between the ages of 15-44. In the United States the government spends an estimated $80,000,000,000 in health care.

Neurocore is an organization dedicated to promoting the health of your brain. The brainwave mapping technology uses your frequencies and analyzes them to see what is optimal. On their website you can schedule appointments and by phone. They have locations in Michigan as well as Florida to start with.

Read: https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-Neurocore-EI_IE799435.11,20.htm

Neurocore gives their customers a great experience. You can get Brain Diagnostics that will give breathing data and show you your heart rate. This can used to tell you what is going on in your brain. They offer Customized Programs through positive reinforcement and continuous reps. It helps condition the brain.

The program will provide you with lasting results. You can take this program to a doctor years from now and you will be able to use it with a future doctor. Having data allows for easier prescriptions and make sure that the aliments slowly but surely fall out. Read more at dialdish.com about Neurocore.

How AI is Beneficial to A/B Testing

If you are one of those people who test software applications for a living, you may be interested in knowing what is coming down the pike in the future. Since the world of technology is using everything that is available, the sky is no longer the limit in what can be done. This is especially true when it comes to artificial intelligence and what can be done to simulate and perfect what humans can do. As far as the world of testing software applications, AI is expected to go in with a bang.

With this mind, one of the top questions that many of today’s professional testers have on their mind is, how can AI benefit A/B Testing? So, here are 3 benefits that this industry is expecting.

  1. Frees up Resources

One of the first things that you should know is Artificial Intelligence is used for a number of different reasons. Some companies are using its expertise to analyze data so that it can be used to make decisions. However, analyzing data is not the only use for AI. This is especially true for those technical specialists that have already recognized this technology’s contribution to the testing industry. For example, because A/B testing requires testing two different versions of a new app instead of one, it normally takes double the time to perform the same user testing on both sides. Therefore, the possibilities of needing additional resources are much more likely. However, when AI steps into this type of testing, the organization can free up these resources for other functions. Specifically, since the double testing or split testing scenarios can be performed by AI with a very high amount of accuracy.

  1. Saves Money in Paying for Additional IT Resources

With humans involved in A/B testing, it normally takes twice the time to perform the testing scenarios in order to get the best and accurate results. Therefore, when these resources are paid internally within the business or externally via a third party tech company, the cost of these resources are often much higher. However, when a company has access to AI A/B testing, the organization can save money. This is because the human resources will no longer need to be paid.

  1. Accuracy Increased

Another benefit of AI and A/B testing is increased accuracy. Because AI can be programmed to complete a variety of different test scenarios, the job can be done with quite a bit more accuracy. This is especially true when the results can be recorded exactly as they occurred with no variance in the actual results.

How George Soros Is Fighting For The Establishment Of Democracy In The World

Offering financial support to the society for the betterment of all people is an action that is rarely undertaken by wealthy individuals in the community. Most personalities are customarily focused on profit re-generation through conducting business undertakings. However, George Soros was able to realize how the art of giving back to the community can help to improve the life of an individual.George Soros has managed to get to the epitome of success due to the investments that he is making in other people. History has taught George Soros a lot, and he is ensuring that the society can be a better place by implementing change to the corrupt political systems of the world. Whenever there is political instability in a particular region of the globe, it is the citizens who typically end up suffering the most. Political games in most cases lead to chaos, and politicians tend to put their needs first so that they can benefit from governmental institutions at the expense of citizens. In such scenarios, the whole country always ends up suffering a great deal.

George Soros has seen the worst of political indifference, and it came to a point where he had to live as a refugee with his parents. At that time, they had been chased from their home country, and it is through the process that he was able to obtain crucial life lessons from his father. Even when they had nothing in life, his father always helped those who appeared to be suffering more than himself.At the moment, George Soros is 87 years old, and he recently gave back $18 billion to the organization that he established to help support efforts of building democratic systems all over the world. Democracy is a far-fetched idea for people living in nations that are led by dictators, and George Soros is working hard to help in building an enabling environment for the creation of democracy. Democratic countries are controlled by the will of the people, while in other nations, it is the will of those who are in power that ends up being fulfilled first.

George Soros has managed to build the Open Society Foundation out of his contributions, and this has been made possible by the education background that made him an apt businessman. The transfer of $18 billion to Open Society Foundation by George Soros has put the lad in the list of the most charitable persons in the entire world. The Open Society Foundation is currently competing for the top position, and it has been listed as the second largest philanthropy agency in the United States of America.The contributions that have been made by George Soros and Open Society Foundation are unique, and this has significantly contributed to the success of the organization. George Soros is quite rich, and his wealth after he donated $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation was valued at $23 billion. Since the substantial financial transfer, the Open Society Foundation has made it to the league of Melinda and Bill Gates foundation. The latter has been undertaking activities within the United States for a long time, and it has equally made a massive impact on the lives of many people across the world.

Rocketship Education And What Preston Smith Thinks About His Co-Creation

John Danner and Preston Smith whipped up the idea for Rocketship Education in 2006. They foresaw a public school that would populate several low-income metropolitan areas across the state of California.

They also wanted to pioneer personalized education, or times throughout the school day when students would work on their own using tablets and laptops to quell specific problems they were having with the material.

Today, RSED has just short of 20 active locations, as far north as Wisconsin, all the way out to Washington DC, and twelve throughout the organization’s birth state of California.

Preston Smith started his lengthy career by going to the University of North Carolina to earn a bachelor’s degree in Latin American studies. Having grown up in California, where nearly a majority of the population is Hispanic, he felt being able to better relate to Hispanic and Latino people – those that speak Spanish and those that hail from Latin American countries, respectively – would be a solid first step in preparing himself to teach underprivileged communities in the state.

Mr. Smith found honoring parental power was instrumental in seeing success and student retention rates. Currently, parents are part of interviews with new applicants, rather than the traditional model of only allowing salaried members of the administration to be involved.

Parents are also recommended to form initiatives with fellow concerned parents and educators in founding schools that students can attend after graduating the fifth grade at Rocketship Education. Further, as they are also urged to keep their students out of schools whose curriculum, administration, and environment aren’t acceptable.

Smith was even able to found his own elementary school, alongside the help of tens of educators, parents, and community members throughout the San Diego area – LUCHA Elementary School, where has was Principal for three years, prior to becoming a founder of Rocketship Education.

He’s found that it is important to match the backgrounds of teachers with that of the average student in the classroom they’re slated to teach. Also, kids are urged to be proud of attending public schools, a sentiment not often shared within education.

How Securus Technologies has made the World Safer by Solving and Preventing Crimes

Securus Technologies is one of the top providers of inmate communications, parole tracking, and other government information management services. The firm has modernized the incarceration experience by enhancing safety. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It also has four other regional offices across Dallas and one in Atlanta, Georgia. Securus Technologies provides high-end software that enables friends and family of inmates to connect their loved ones while also availing critical information to correctional facilities.


Its emergency response feature connects inmates with technology while connecting emergency dispatchers to those who may be in need. All in all, the firm is committed to creating reliable connections that assist in incident management, emergency response, investigations and even information management all in a bid to make the world a safe place. Currently, the firm serves over 3,400 correctional agencies and more than a million inmates across the United States.


The Better Business Bureau (BBB) recently accredited Securus Technologies and awarded them the highest rating of A+. Securus established a 220 seat domestic call center that has enhanced the firm’s customer delivery by promoting quality customer service. The firm’s representatives are highly trained to comply with BBB’s standards, and they answer over two million calls monthly with a first-call resolution rate of 99%.


On average, Securus Technologies develop a new product or service weekly to help law enforcement officers and corrections officials solve and avert crimes. The firm has received many letters and emails from inmates, parolees and their families applauding the role of the company in keeping societies safe. The firm’s services are of great help to many people if the facility customer comments are anything to go by. It has led to the arrest of many Culprits for dealing in contraband items. Correctional facilities are also able to monitor inmates for drug use and sale by monitoring calls. The LBS software, in particular, has helped nab drugs and millions in illegal assets.


Samuel Strauch On Use Of Bitcoin In Miami Real Estate Industry

The use of bitcoin as a means of exchange has been gaining ground in recent times. Bitcoin is trading high in the world currencies. Currently, it is trading at more than $7000. It is expected to keep gaining and very soon it may go up even more. The current gain in value for bitcoin is likely to attract more people who would like to use it as a means of exchange. Bitcoin has been used widely in various fields such as finance and online trading. As times goes by, other fields are expected to continue embracing it as a means of exchange. One of the fields that are expected to embrace bitcoin is real estate industry.

According to one of the real estate players in south Florida, Samuel Strauch, the real estate sector in Miami is likely to get better with time. Miami is one of the best destination in the world for real estate investment. Miami attracts investors from all corners of the world. Finding people of different origins in Miami is possible. The increase in the number of people from diverse origins is likely to make the use of bitcoin more common. Samuel Strauch is keeping a close eye to the occurrences in the real estate sector in the city of Miami. He hopes that more people will continue to embrace the use of bitcoin as a means of buying and selling real estate property in the city.

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Bitcoin is loved by players in the real estate sector due to the ease of transacting. When buying property in Miami, you are most likely to pay millions of dollars. Bitcoins offer an opportunity for the players to make quick and smooth payments. Bitcoin does not involve tedious work as it happens with the traditional means of payment as with the banks. Investors in the real estate sector have already started embracing the use of bitcoin with one of the people in Miami putting up his property on sale for $6.5 million and want to be paid in bitcoins.

Samuel Strauch is the principal of a real estate company known as Metrik Real Estate. This company was started 2002. Ever since, Miami has been able to develop into one of the biggest companies in Miami. Samuel Strauch is now a big player in the real estate sector in Miami.

Search more about Samuel Strauch: http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/profile/1488496/

Indepth look at Dr. Chria Villanueva life and career

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is a great leader and the founder of the unique dental management practice network with the name MB2 Dental. Dr. Chris formed MB2 Dental by merging a large group of public and private practice.MB2 Dental has become a popular option for patients since it treats them with respect and has equitable considerations and compensates their doctor’s best way.

MB2 Dental has placed integrity above everything in the course of doing their business. The company has over 355 employees and has 70 facilities in six States. Integrity has significantly played a significant role in the survival of the business. MB2 Dental success is associated with establishing network components run by competent personnel. Dr. Chris recruited the best dentists he could find to head each location. The local community is taken care and headed by professionals who have met standards set by MB2 Dental.

MB2 Dental has a streamlined their operations since it has embraced the benefits brought forth by IT. The company has developed a program that provides a solution to all their needs. This program is universally used in all their offices, which gives consistency while moving from one office to another. Great investment in IT has helped the company to have dental service records which are up to date. MB2 is believed to have one the most advanced dentistry techniques since it engages a youthful culture allowing dentists to learn from each other and gives an environment offering solutions to HR issues, payroll problems and compliance as well as marketing challenges.

In an interview, Dr. Chris said that his mentor once gave him a piece of advice that he should always be modest when dealing with people. This has helped him learn a lot from the people whom he has surrounded himself with who are smart, outspoken and creative team members. By staying productive as the CEO makes every other person productive rather than making the mistake of micromanaging. He continues to say that the success of the business is associated with hiring of the right people setting a vision and keeping them inspired to give the best results possible. Finally it will be in order to say that typical dental practice management is similar to traditional dental practice which is monotonous and bland. The creation of MB2 Dental brings a new focus on dental business rather than just profit margin.


Cancer is a very deadly disease which has no respect for human life. It can kill if not detected early by its patients. However, most people normally find it hard to survive because of how fast it spreads in the body and the financial responsibility it comes with. Treating Cancer is very expensive and most people normally die because they find it hard to afford the medication.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a group of hospitals in the United States that offers its service to adults who are battling cancer. Its headquarters is in Boca Raton in Florida. The Company follows an approach that is integral in trying to eradicate cancer. Some of the approaches used include chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and immunotherapy which are used to treat cancer. They also offer integrative therapies which the firm uses to help victims to manage some of the side effects of the cancer treatment like nausea, fatigue, malnutrition, and lymphedema as others suffer from depression and anxiety.

Cancer Treatments Centers of America is seen to serve its patients from all over the world at their hospitals in Chicago, Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix, and Tulsa. It is rated among the top hospitals in the United States for their high-quality care and patient service. The hospitals also involve family members of patients in decision-making processes.

Clinical Pathways Program as offered by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America
The clinical pathways program was a program used to assist patients and inform them of the cancer treatment process without interrupting the physician doing his work. It also offers different treatment options to clinicians thus reduces guesswork by clinicians.

The Clinical Pathways program creates transparency around the selecting of which therapy and care delivery that would work best for a patient. It reduces variability in care thus improves quality and efficiency of services given to its clients. Patients are normally provided with the confidence of the treatment prescribed to them for their diagnosis.

Insurance providers can also approve the program by providing the necessary clinical data that will be used to support the different selected treatment strategies. The clinical pathway program is available at all the five Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals for use.