For Fortress Investment Group, Maximizing Investments And Taking Calculated Risks Is Just Part Of Their Strategy As A Financial Firm.

Fortress Investment Group, which is publicly traded as FIG, is a top financial firm. Softbank purchased FIG in February 2017. Softbank, a Japanese firm, bought Fortress Investment group for over 3 billion dollars. In July 2018, Fortress Investment Group recently partnered with a worldwide leader in global options called iPass. The total amount of funds that Fortress gave iPass was 20 million dollars. Half of the $20 million was immediately given to iPass.

This loan that was given to iPass based on all of their assets, which includes their patent portfolio and their Smart Connect technology. Riley Financial, Inc., helped to put together this deal between iPass and Fortress Investment Group. Riley Financial operates in four different areas: Valuation and Appraisal, Principal Investments, Capital Investments and Auction and Liquidation. Riley Financial, which is an investment bank, is adept at putting together deals for high-value and high profile clients. Because Riley Financial is a top ranked firm that is involved in equity research, they understand the value placed on equity. With the IPass and Fortress Investment Group deal, it was in line with their expectations regarding their valuation protocols.

iPass operates one of the most extensive Wi-Fi networks in the world. As a company, iPass enables both business and consumers to access Wi-Fi hotspots, which number in the millions. Moreover, the number of Wi-Fi hotspots is expected to only grow more in 2018. iPass is considered a wise investment for Fortress based on the projected exponential growth of Wi-Fi.

Fortress was founded in 1998 and has earned a plethora of awards. These awards help exemplify the company’s achievements and their unbeaten track record for brokering successful deals. Fortress also won the Management Firm of the Year award in 2014.Institutional Investor, which is a finance related publication, gave Fortress recognition for their ability to be successful hedge fund managers. Fortress won a yearly award for being the top credit-focused fund.

Today, Fortress is responsible for managing approximately 1,500 institutional investors as well as other assets for clients. Randal Nardone is the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress and has been the non-interim CEO since 2013.

Upwork’s To-Do List Pearls Of Wisdom

Upwork, perhaps the most powerful tool at a freelancer’s disposal, is a platform from which independent professionals can sell their creative talents at a competitive rate. Though undoubtedly advantageous for freelancers, Upwork is also beneficial to those who are looking to peruse a wide variety of varying skill sets. From consulting and writing to web development and accounting, Upwork covers virtually all niches. Given how wildly successful Upwork is, freelancers are often bogged down by copious amounts of work.

While a healthy amount of projects is far from a freelancer’s kiss of death, there are proactive steps one can take to ensure that tasks are carried out promptly. To-do lists, as it happens, work wonders for such matters. According to Upwork’s blog forum, here are some ways in which one can conquer their to-do list with the greatest of ease.

Consolidate your responsibilities

Though it may be tempting to jot down your duties wherever most convenient, it’s best to round up your daily duties in a cohesive manner. Fortunately, there’s an app for that. Seasoned freelancers have found that to-do list software proves most effective, and a mere perusal of the application store will allow you to select one that suits your preferences.

Determine what’s most pressing

Ranking your priorities from most important to least important is wholly rewarding. In essence, it allows you to tackle the most demanding duties first, in turn alleviating the stress that accompanies critical matters. What’s more, it’s a surefire way to remain unfazed by the pesky setbacks that inevitably occur throughout the day. If your most crucial tasks are handled first, complications don’t seem as big a hindrance.

Gauge your momentum

Are you more productive when having your morning cup of joe? Or does the nighttime cater better to your energy levels? Whenever you’re sharpest, be sure to dedicate your most taxing obligations to these hours. Not only does it leave less room for error, but it’ll make menial tasks enticing when your brain begins to wind down.


Adam Milstein Is Concerned About Brain Drain In Israel

Adam Milstein is a proud native of the country of Israel. He moved his family to the United States in the early 1980s. Following his departure from Israel, he attended the University of California, in Los Angeles, for his MBA degree. When Adam Milstein moved to the United States, he already had a four-year degree from Technion—Israeli Institute of Technology. Adam Milstein started his career as a sales associate for a real estate firm called Hager Pacific Properties. He stayed with Hager Pacific Properties for many years and ascended to the position of managing partner.

Adam Milstein is an outspoken person who discusses the issues of Israelis and Jewish people. One serious contemporary issue that is currently on his mind is the fact that young Israelis are moving away from Israel in droves. This is not a good thing. It just so happens that the most educated, secular people—the most useful individuals in Israeli society—are the ones who are leaving in the largest numbers. Meanwhile, the percentage of Ultra-Orthodox people in Israel is projected to quadruple by the year 2065. Ultra-Orthodox people currently make up about 12% of the Israeli population. The thing about Ultra-Orthodox people is that they are consumed by religion to an extent that is not compatible enough with living in the modern world. The Ultra-Orthodox people send their children to state-funded schools that hardly teach important subjects such as English, science and math. If Israeli society shifts to being very religion-oriented and conservative, the people and their children will be less able to compete in the modern world. Already, more liberal and secular Israelis feel uncomfortable with the conservative, religion-oriented turn that they see Israel taking.

There is also a gigantic problem with the fact that it is too expensive to live in Israel. Tel Aviv is currently more expensive than the most expensive cities in America. This is the reason why many young, educated, hopeful Israelis are becoming American citizens as fast as possible. They see America as a place where there are opportunities to own land and not have to live from paycheck to paycheck.

Sheldon Lavin Successful Journey of Greatness

Sheldon Lavin is one of the best CEOs the world has ever had. He has been known since the year 1970 for his excellent leadership skills. He can run and manage a company that has more than 20,000 employees globally. This is purely and true to say that he is among the few guys out there working towards the promotion of countries economy. These are companies that can make the country become an economic giant in the world. He was born in 1932 but his level of experience in excellent. People love him for who he is and is always focused towards success in his carer. He has always focused his great attention towards helping many people become economically stable and has been on the frontline pushing for progress.

 Sheldon Lavin with his advanced age happens to be the Chairman and also the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, LLC. Mr Sheldon attended the famous Northwestern and Illinois University whereby he studied finance and accounting. After that, he pursued a bachelors degree in Business from the prestigious Roosevelt University of Chicago based in Illinois. He worked on his professional background and also qualifications at Sheldon Lavin & Associates which was located in Chicago.

Sheldon Lavin did not just join the company. He was an outsider before but later got a chance to work with them. He got a chance to become their financial advisor when they were under a severe financial crisis. They had reached a tender to supply Hamburger to McDonald but had not resourced to do so. This was a big drawback to their success. When he came in, he was able to prepare them, and within a very short time, they had managed to get financing and were ready to start supplying.

In 1970 when he joined as an advisor the company was still Otto & Sons Inc. which gave birth to the now regional giant. Some of the companies under the great OSI Grup are OSI International Foods, OSI Industries, OSI International Inc and even OSI Vista-based in India. These companies have been able to make OSI Group one of the largest American based companies with the highest number of employees.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi- the Backbone of Banco Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the chairman and CEO of Banco Bradesco. The bank is a leading banking and financial services companies in Brazil. Until 2009, the bank was the largest private bank in Brazil. Visit the website to learn more about Trabuco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi attended the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters at the University Of Sau Paolo Brazil. He graduated in philosophy and later pursued a post graduate education in social psychology at the School of Sociology and Politics in Sau Paolo. He joined the Banco Bradesco in 1970 and has served the company for 48 years. Learn more about Trabuco at

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has worked with most major divisions of the Banco Bradesco before being appointed as its chairman and CEO. He started in 1969 as a bank teller at the Marilla branch of the bank. In 1984 he became the bank’s director of marketing. At this time he revolutionized the way the bank dealt with its customers. He later became the Executive Vice President of the Bradesco Seguros, the insurance branch of the company. He doubled the size and profits of the company and it soon became the largest insurance companies in Latin America.

Trabuco became CEO of the bank and increased the market dominance of the bank by acquiring HSBC’s Brazilian branch. For this bold and calculated move, he was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He took over the Presidency of Banco Bradesco in 2009. He convened meetings with all the heads of departments to ensure that all the segments of the banks worked in harmony and smoothly. He also employed new and talented executives to improve the assets and services of the bank.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has not only increased and improved the functioning and market presence of Banco Bradesco but has been the backbone behind its phenomenal business success.


Matt Badiali Knows What He’s Talking About, So Freedom Checks Should Be Taken Seriously

When it comes to the natural resource investment market Matt Badiali knows what he is doing. He has years of experience, extensive knowledge, and a highly effective hands-on approach. As a geologist he is able to use his knowledge to rate companies, discover red flags, and provide actionable advice as to who investors should invest in. Badiali is passionate about what he does. Traveling around the world to put boots on the ground in countless countries to observe rigs, drilling, and mining operations. His knowledge allows him to scrutinize each company separate the rotten from the clean. This is why he has a wide readership for the newsletters he writes for Banyan Hill Publishing.

Matt Badiali is the author of Front Line Profits and Real Wealth Strategist, two wonderful newsletters available from Banyan Hill. Both newsletters contain Badiali’s assessments of natural resource operations globally. Investors interested in the natural resource market use these newsletters to choose their investments. In addition Badiali is the father of Freedom Checks, a unique investment opportunity being advertised all over the television.

Freedom checks are legitimate investments in a natural resource company. To earn them one has to purchased stakes in said natural resource companies. These stakes can be as low as $10 bucks. The stakes garner profitable payouts for investors who purchase them, which is due to a tax break such companies take full advantage of. Matt Badiali labels them freedom checks as a way to intice people to invest.

The checks themselves are monthly to quarterly payouts to stakeholders. These payouts have to amount to 90% of the company’s total revenue, allowing these companies to operate like tax free entities. Because they have to make such a big payout, stakeholders can receive a profitable return of investment regularly.

The stakes are known as MLPs, or master limited partnerships. The money paid to purchase them goes into the company, and is then funneled right back in regular payments. All the investor has to do is sit back and wait. Matt Badiali’s freedom checks may look fraudulent but they are actually legit. A fact Matt Badiali has been trying to communicate.

Clay Hutson Spills the Beans on Music Industry Success

Clay Hutson recently had an interview at TheBroTalk, where he discussed his success in the music industry. Being a recognized figure as a tour managing and production head for many successful concerts and other entertainment events, Clay Hutson rose to fame for his great attention to detail and dedication for each project he was assigned to. In this interview, he revealed his background and his secrets to success.



Clay Hutson’s Secret to Success



  1. Developing your skill set first


Clay Hutson explained that his previous work helped him to develop a great skill set that pushed him to start his own business. Since his last employer suffered from the impacts of the 2008 recession, Mr. Hutson decided to start his own business in the music industry. Even if it was a risky time, he believed that he developed enough skills to make it big in the industry.



  1. Leverage the power of technology


Clay Hutson understands the importance of technology in his business. He is always updated with the recent developments and always applies the latest effective practices to satisfy all his clients. One of the things he relies most on is computer-aided design during production management. When he designs a set-up, he makes sure to pay attention to every detail and gives a preview of those features for his clients. Mr. Hutson suggests new entrepreneurs be educated in the field of technology to help them become more efficient with their business.



  1. Learn from past mistakes


Clay Hutson understands the power of previous experiences to gain more insight for the present and future. He thoroughly checks mistakes and sees what can be done to improve on his next project. Additionally, he also learns from other mentors and colleagues in the same field. He believes that you don’t have to necessarily make mistakes to learn, you can also learn from the mistakes of others.



About Clay Hutson


Clayton Hutson has his own tour and production management services for musicians and event organizing companies. Prior to beginning his career in Tennessee, he studied and completed a degree in theater design. His skills in audio engineering allowed him to land jobs in large companies that host live music events, where he rose to become a project manager.


After developing his skill set, Mr. Hutson started his own production firm that handles stage design, audio management, tour setup, and rigging. He has handled many clients in the past with many known musicians such as Kid Rock, Pink, and Guns N’ Roses. Learn more:


The Leading Finance Company Of Austrailia: Infinity Group Austrailia

When the married couple founded their company in 2013, they had no idea of what would become of their company. Today, Infinity Group Australia is a premier financial company. It has surpassed in growth its competition. From the looks of it, the company has no signs of slowing down its growth. What the company has amounted to is due to the vision and hard work of the founders Graeme and Rebekah Holm.


Financial fitness is a growing demand and interest amongst people. More and more than ever people are wanting to secure their financial futures by preparing themselves for a comfortable lifestyle. Infinity Group Australia is a top notch financial management company in Australia. They have five locations spread out over the entire continent. They aim to help customers identify their financial needs and ways to improve their situation. The company is well known for the debt reduction services, as well as a host of other services.


Debt Reduction is something many people struggle with. There are not a lot of companies that support reducing debt the most effective way. At Infinity Group Australia, the company works to help customers eliminate debt and begin to build wealth. It is hard to build wealth and have financial freedom with loads of debt weighing you down. This company has the exact strategies to eliminate the burden debt and unpaid bills cause.


Creating wealth is an important element to being financially free of limited income or debt. This company aids customers with the many ways of executing a proper plan to acquire wealth. Investment strategies are created by the finance experts at this company to build investment portfolios. Once this company plans a way for their customers gain wealth, they then help then to accumulate and save wealth for savings. Retirement planning is often overlooked but it is vital to living the rest of your life stress free of money.


Infinity Group Australia reviews support how this financial powerhouse is proving itself as a leader for the people of Australia. The company has granted financial freedom to customers. They have helped customers grow their real estate and investment portfolios. Getting customers out of debt has been one of their specialties. By doing so many great things, the company is revered by many people. The company plans to continue to provide financial services that solve financial issues and debt for the people of Australia. Learn more:

David McDonald’s OSI Group Expands Its Toledo Facility, Acquires Baho Foods

David McDonald has been a man of success ever since a young boy in Iowa. His animal food products career started when he graduated with a Degree in Animal Science. Since then, David has never looked back. Every step he makes has proved successful. It is to tell why. His passion for animals especially how they can be used as food has been what he has thought of since he was a young man.

After his graduation, David McDonald landed a job at the North American Meat Institute. It was here, when David was in the position of the chairman of the meat commission that though was the right time to start his company that was he did when he officially launched OSI Group, a company that specializes in poultry, beef, and pork products for food.

Although the company started small, as is the case with other companies, OSI Group is today a multi-million dollar food manufacturing company that looks into how to give its clients sufficient poultry, pork, and beef products. The company has a great presence in the U.S. and Europe with growing demand for its products in Asia and other regions.

In recent years, the company has made major steps, which include the acquisition of small and big companies that deal with food production. The latest example is when OSI Group announced that it purchased Baho Foods, a Dutch food processing company that deals with deli meat products. “With the buying of Baho Foods, we are set to increase our production to greater heights. We also seek to add the number of employees who will handle the ever-increasing work in the production line,” said David McDonald.

Prior to acquiring Baho Foods, OSI Group had announced that it had expanded its Toledo facility in Spain. When making the announcement, David said the aim of the expansion was to increase service delivery to the increasing number of clients in Spain and Portugal.

OSI Group has over 20, 000 employees who work in the company’s various facilities that include 10 Chinese facilities that produce, and distribute poultry products to the growing Chinese community. All these facilities have been opened during the time David McDonald is president of the company.

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ID Life, Bringing a Revolution to Your Health

ID Life is a health nutrition firm that strives to offer its clients the best nutritive ingredients to improve their health. The Health and wellness company has been operating for the past two years and it has already achieved a significant number of its goals. Logan Stout is the founder of the firm, and he believes that every individual has varying health and nutrition needs and as a result, he strives to offer each of his clients with their suitable remedies. Id Life works closely with a vast number of nutritionists, scientists and health practitioners to bring life-changing experiences to their clients.

The firm’s products have been ranked among the best and most effective ones by their clients, and this is a positive review of the firm. Besides, ID Life employees are fully dedicated to paying close attention to the health of their client and as a result, they keep a detailed record of the latter. Additionally, they also monitor them closely to come up with the best ingredients that are suitable for their body.

The firm strives to bring a difference in the health sector through the provision of the highest quality ingredients to their clients. The products of the firm are genuine and they contain no additives. The firm’s employees always put their client`s health to the forefront and as a result, they pride themselves in the whatever they use to formulate their products. The rat dedication showcased by the firm’s executives has also inspired many people.

With the wide range of the firm’s products, people get to have a great health experience. The products of the firm are also tested in prestigious laboratories that are FDA approved for maximum nutrient absorbability, a clear proof of the safety of the firm’s products. Additionally, the firm is fully dedicated to responding to their client’s claims and as a result, they have launched their software through which one can acquire helpful information regarding their health. The dedication showed by the firm’s executives has also contributed to the success and fast growth of the firm. ID life seeks to collaborate with more experts in future to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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