The Academy of Art University’s Connection with Disney Studios

The Academy of Art University is back in the news again. This for-profit school for the arts has become a game changer in modern-day society. The school is located in San Francisco, California, and it houses an estimated 12,600 students. In addition to that, the school has up to 283 full-time teachers as well as having more than 1,100 part-time teachers. Academy of Art University has a beautiful urban campus, has innovative exhibits and has numerous state-of-the-art facilities. Jan Philip Cramer, a former-graduate of AAU, has worked on a number of blockbuster films such as “Avatar,” “Deadpool”, “Spider-Man Homecoming,” “Resurgence” and “X-Men Days of Future Past.”


Cramer was the animation supervisor for 2018’s hit “Avengers Infinity War.” “I would have never thought that Disney Studios would incorporate my ideas into this film,” stated Cramer. “Avengers Infinity War” has shattered numerous records in its rather short lifespan. As of today, it is one of the most popular films from Marvel. “Avengers Infinity War” has grossed a whopping $640 million. This $640 million actually comes from its opening in which it now sits at the top of the charts for films with the biggest opening weekend.


Cramer attained his BFA from AAU’s School of Animation & Visual Effects. By serving as the film’s animation supervisor, he’s the actual head of animation at Digital Domain. Bringing new worlds to life onto the big screen has always been his dream, and he has manifested this dream into a reality.


The Academy of Art University is a fantastic higher-learning institution as it specializes in liberal arts, specializes in entertainment and specializes in design. This for-profit school also attends New York Fashion Week on an annual basis and many of its former-graduates has produced work that was displayed on this prestigious stage. All in all, the Academy of Art University is leaving an everlasting blueprint of success and that’s a fact.


Check Out the New Palette From Lime Crime Venus 3

Women like to feel confident about themselves walking to work or even just going to the gym. As Spring 2018 approaches, trending looks are changing and new makeup is coming out with the best makeup colors out there. Also, makeup tips here and there are not going to hurt you, there are here to help you.

What better way to celebrate the day than by decorating and accentuating your facial structure as a woman or man? Take the highlighter for example. They come in many different colors like purple, white, blended, even pink! The area you want to add the sparkle is your cheekbones and the tippy tip of your nose to create a 3D effect. However, lightly fluff the powder on your face for a glowing look.

Next, is the lips with many options too! They have liquid, gloss, matte, or even stained. It will have people thinking whether it is your natural lip color because the color hugs it so well. If that is what you are looking for then matte lipstick is your best fit with a velvety smooth finish! Try any color from dark to light or neutral, whichever goes with your eye look of the day. Also, get this, it even lasts through eating and drinking or even kissing the person you love.

Okay, if you are a girly girl then you need the everyday palette to kick start the day. Lime Crime offers the best colors for your budget and lifestyle. It is romantic and lovely, this eye palette is worth carrying around and boasting about.

And last, you cannot go wrong with eyeliner to finish off your perfect look. If you have already become a pro at winging it, Lime Crime offers some of the best eyeliners for your eyes.

And if you are feeling extra, dab a little bit of the peach blush on your face because, honey, it is looking good today. Lastly, spritz that rose water on your face to give the natural, “I woke up like this” vibes. Seriously it works, try it out!

You could never go wrong with Lime Crime. They are offering you the best products for getting glammed up.

Ricardo Tosto Shows People the Importance of Law in Brazil

When Ricardo Tosto started working as an attorney, he knew he wanted to make a difference. He had a lot of faith in the opportunities he created and knew all his clients were getting the best care they could use in different instances. There are things people use that attorneys can help them with. Ricardo Tosto projects confidence when it comes to helping his clients. As long as people use the advice Ricardo Tosto gives them, they get more from everything he has to offer. It’s his goal to show people how everything will keep getting better and how they can make sure they’re having the best legal experience possible. While Ricardo Tosto knew what he wanted to do, he also knew people needed his help.

There were times when people saw what Ricardo Tosto did and knew they wanted to enjoy the things he had to offer. The times he focused on helping people also led to him making excellent decisions for the future. People saw the hard work he put into everything and wanted him to be their attorney too. Even the Brazilian government noticed how hard he worked. They also wanted him to know they showed interest in using him as their lawyer. It made sense for Ricardo Tosto because he spent a lot of time learning about laws and other things in Brazil. He easily transferred the hard work ethic he had to the government’s legal opportunities.

For years, Ricardo Tosto saw the options he could use. He liked helping people and knew the best help came from everything he put into the business. Everything he did was a direct result of the options people saw and the things they enjoyed. It was also how he felt good about helping people. Not every attorney knows how to help others in the way that Ricardo Tosto does. In fact, he knows what it takes to get people to see all the positive parts of using the attorney options they have. It’s how he plans on helping others no matter what issues they go through or what they’re doing to make things work. Click here

The Chainsmokers Shake Things up with Closer.

Alex Pall is one half of The Chainsmokers. He is an original member of the group, and he was joined by Andrew Taggart after Pall’s previous partner left the group. The introduction of Pall and Taggart was ultimately a blessing for the survival of the group. Most people know The Chainsmokers as Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, the creators of hit songs like “Closer,” and “Don’t Let Me Down.”

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart knew right away what each other offered to the group. They began their professional relationship together by discussing musical interests, discussing what music is popular, and planning their strategy. They then began making music, working from dawn until night, perfecting their art.

In an interview conducted with Interview Magazine, Alex Pall praised Halsey.

“She’s incredible,” Pall simply stated. Pall went on to tell the interviewer how much they wanted to work with Halsey, even saying that she was number one of their list of potential guest vocalists.

Halsey was featured on “Closer.” Alongside Andrew Taggart, Halsey sang a hearth-warming duet. Andrew and Halsey each provided one-half of the perspective of a young couple, in love and starting a new life together. This particular songs is historic for the group because it marks Andrew Taggart’s first time singing professionally.

Even though neither Pall nor Taggart had previously sang on their own records, they were still the primary creators of their music. They work with other songwriters too, but they have always been involved with the songwriting process. For example, “Closer” was written by Taggart and a friend of the band on the tour bus.

The decision to move Taggart up to front man and lead singer may prove to be extremely beneficial for the group. Not only do The Chainsmokers have no need to rely solely on guest artists, the decision opens up a wide variety of opportunities for their live show. Their live show was also hindered by the fact that a majority of the guest vocalists were sent out over loud speaker, rather than having the artist on tour with them.

Malcolm CasSelle: Worldwide Asset Exchange

If you are focused on the industry of digital asset exchange, you are more than likely keenly aware of some key flaws that are present within the centralized marketplace scheme. There is an entrepreneur that goes by the name of Malcolm CasSelle who is also aware of these issues. In order to allow the flow of digital assets freely around the world between individuals who are from different nations in different geographic areas typically a foreign exchange market is used. This includes a whole host of processing fees and other services that drive the cost of doing business upwards in an unnecessary manner. There is a way to circumvent these issues while simultaneously increasing the security of all of the transactions that occur. If you are able to eliminate the middleman entirely and create a decentralized marketplace, you can facilitate the free trade of ideas and information including digital assets between users around the world. Malcolm CasSelle realized this whenever he decided to launch his new company which he has called worldwide asset exchange.

Worldwide asset exchange is one of the newest companies to begin capitalizing on the technology that was innovated five bitcoin. This technology is known as the blockchain, and it allows the decentralization of industries that have been centralized for many years. This allows many unique possibilities that can help to eliminate key issues that have plagued centralized marketplace formats for the entirety of their existence. The new worldwide asset exchange will serve as a decentralized marketplace to facilitate transactions among users of virtual gaming platforms around the world. They will be able to utilize the wax tokens as a native currency that will be shared as a common store of value by all users. This will eliminate the need for foreign exchange markets and drive the cost of business.

Malcolm CasSelle holds a bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in computer science. He also holds a Masters degree from Stanford University computer science. The knowledge that he obtained while he was pursuing these degrees has allowed him to implement the advances that have been offered by the blockchain.

As the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, chairman of Springleaf Financial Services

Nationstar Mortgage, and the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks professional basketball team, Wes Edens has built an exemplary career in the business world.Wes Edens started out in the financial sphere in 1987, by working for Lehman Brothers. Edens was wise by working his way up to the position of director. Wes Edens decided to leave Lehman Brothers in 1993 in order to join another finance company with more recognition and reputation, called BlackRock Financial Management. Wes Edens became their partner and managing director at BlackRock Financial Management. However, Mr. Edens decided to leave BlackRock in 1997 and venture into the role of company co-founder. With the support of fellow co-founders, Peter Briger, Mike Novogratz, Robert Kauffman, and Randal Nardone, Wes Edens was able to build the company, Fortress Investment Group.

In addition to being a co-founder, Wes Edens is part of a seven-member board at Fortress Investment Group. The Wall Street Journal noted that Wes Edens method of investing is creative. Edens also bets contrarian and is innovative with financing. Edens’ has impressive talents when it comes to hatching new businesses from the investments and monies that he manages for Fortress Investment Group.Wes Edens also manages Fortress Investment Group’s private equity business. Wes Edens was the main driver behind the procurement of Springleaf Financial Services, a subprime lending company. Springleaf was once known as American General Finance, under American International Group’s (AIG) domain. With the acquisition of Springleaf Financial Services, Fortress Investment Group became the majority stakeholder for Springleaf. Wes Edens took over as the chairman of Springleaf Financial Services when Fortress procured their firm.

In 2015, Fortress Investment Group and Wes Edens made a debt-related purchase by buying Citigroup’s OneMain for a price tag of $4.3 billion dollars — it was an all-cash acquisition by Springleaf Financial Services. Fortress owned approximately 80 percent of Springleaf at the time of the Citigroup/OneMain deal in 2015. Fortress Investment Group is a publicly traded company (FIG); it manages assets in the interest of over 1,600 plus clients and investors, internationally.In addition to the CEO’s and co-founder position at Fortress Investment Group for Wes Edens, but he is also the current co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, a pro basketball franchise. Wes Edens and Marc Lasry, a fellow finance executive, built a business partnership together and made the decision to purchase the Bucks in 2014. Herb Kohl sold his basketball team to Edens and Lasry for $500 million. Both Edens and Lasry made a promise to keep the Bucks in Milwaukee.


Companies that are diverse outperform those that are not because they are open to new ideas. There are multiple perspectives from the workplace diversity. From statistics, various gender business beats others by 15% while those that are ethnically diverse exceed by 35%. However, women with high executive positions in Standard and Poor 500 companies are a small percentage. Despite that, there are many women in organizations struggling to reach places at the top levels. There is hope for them since there are women like Susan McGalla who have led the way. Being the daughter of a football coach and having two brothers, she didn’t have excuses as a girl. Whatever she wanted, she worked for it even in life thus making her successful.

At American Eagle Outfitters, Susan McGalla started when men were the only executives in the company. She rose through the ranks holding different management positions, became the chief merchandising officer and president before exiting the company. Being the confident woman she is, Susan began in a company that gave her the chance to start and grow through the ranks and earns her positions. At Pittsburgh Steelers, she is a founder of P3 Executive Consulting and the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. Not all women get the same chances as Susan has despite the many women networks and initiatives that support women in leadership positions allowing them to share their ideas, plan and strategize their businesses and provide a platform for them to connect with women in the same industry.

This has worked in the past showing women they can work in executive positions just like men. The initiatives, however, haven’t provided the solution since men still hold most executive positions or power in most businesses worldwide. The answers can be obtained by creating sponsorship opportunities whereby highly invested career women should find an executive sponsor who will act as an advocate in that they will help them create opportunities for themselves, recommend them for main projects or essential assignment and thus help them rise through ranks in the organization like McGalla.

Talos Energy Teams Up with Stone Energy

Operating between Houston, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana, there is one American oil, drilling, and exploration company with 33,000 miles of seismological data in its possession that will be merging with a similar company in the very near future. That company is Talos Energy of Houston, Texas, and they will be trading under the ticker symbol TALO under the new name of Talos Energy Incorporated after a merger with Stone Energy. Stone Energy, ticker symbol SGY on the New York Stock Exchange, was founded by James Stone in 1993. The merger of the two companies will be managed by Citibank and UBS, and is valued at 1.9 billion dollars; Current shareholders of Talos energy will receive 67% shares in the new formed company, and current shareholders of stone energy will receive 33% of the newly-formed company’s shares.

Since about 1950, the technological advances in drilling, oil wells, and exploration have drastically increased across the board for all drilling companies. Founded in 2012, Talos energy has taken full advantage of the new advances and will be managing 1.2 million acres worth of data under their combined ownership. Talos Energy has year-over-year been chosen by the Houston Chronicle to be one of the best places to work for Houstonians, since 2013. In 2015 nearly even voted as one of the top 100 best companies to work at. CEO Timothy Duncan claims that this merger with stone energy will yield a premium exploration, drilling, and oil production company. After being formed, the new formation will let both companies jointly operate at a synergistically faster pace than before when they were single entities, and allow them to cover more ground as a combined unit.

Before the union of the two companies, Talos Energy’s stock was at $35.49 as of November 20th, which values the company at 2.5 billion dollars. Last year in 2017, Talos Energy was producing on average 47,000 barrels of oil per day and had a reserve of 136 million barrels. Now with Stone’s assets teaming up with Talos to form Talos Energy Incorporated, business should prove to interesting for the joint venture.

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Matt Badiali: Timber Demand Is Increasing

Natural disasters occur around the world relatively frequently. They can be incredibly damaging and devastating to those that are affected. However, these same disasters can often lead to some impressive investment opportunities. This has been seen with the recent hurricanes that caused devastation to the southern United States particularly in the state of Texas.

Matt Badiali is the leading natural resources and commodities expert for Banyan Hill Publishing Company. He has an education from Florida Atlantic University and holds a Masters degree in geology. Matt Badiali is a trained scientist and has been able to utilize his experience in order to identify and capitalize on potential investment opportunities in the commodities and natural resources sectors. He is the current chief editor for Real Wealth Strategist. In this publication, he informs his readers about new investment opportunities in the natural resource and commodities sectors.

Matt Badiali has recently published an article about new investment opportunities in the housing industry due to the destruction that was caused by recent hurricanes in the United States of America. The total cost of these two hurricanes is in excess of $50 billion. Over 25% of the homes in the Florida Keys were destroyed by hurricane Irma. Hurricane Harvey destroyed over $4 billion worth of residential homes as well. While this is incredibly tragic, it is possible to take advantage of the unique investment opportunity that it has created.


There has been an incredible surge in demand for timber and other building products. Normally the demand for domestically produced lumber would only increase slightly however the government of the United States has recently placed a large tariff on Canadian lumber. The total tax on Canadian lumber is now anywhere from 17% all the way to 31%. One of the biggest reasons that the United States has placed these new regulations on Canadian lumber imports is due to the belief that the Canadian government gives their domestic lumber industry an unfair advantage. Lumber producers are able to buy timber from Canadian government land at a steep discount. Follow Matt on Facebook.

The price for lumber has already increased by over 10% since August. Matt Badiali believes that the demand for building materials and in particular timber will only continue to increase as construction and renovations for new and damaged homes will only continue to increase. He advised his readers to invest in several companies that operated in the sectors and has already experienced over 15% gains on their investment. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.


Lori Senecal Shows that One Could Either Overcome Shyness or Use it To Their Advantage

One of the common descriptions that Lori Senecal gives herself is that of a shy introvert. She has dealt with shyness throughout her life. However, given her career as a business owner and a leader, one would not guess that. However, she has a few advantages that she has gained from shyness. She is also someone that can advise people on overcoming this trait or making it work for her. Given that she has to lead people, she has managed to do both. For one thing, she has decided that the best thing to do is be uncomfortable in her career as a way to grow. You can visit



One thing that Lori Senecal does in order to overcome shyness in her field is to look to other factors that could work in advertising. One thing that she knows about business is that time is money. If people are able to do a lot of work in a short amount of time, then they are going to be able to make enough money to take care of their needs. This is one thing that Lori has mastered. Therefore, she has learned to focus on the tasks at hand. She has also changed the culture at her company so that people are more task oriented. Check out Inspirery to see more.


One very important thing to do in order to overcome shyness is to accept it. When people accept their shyness, they manage to move forward with it. Once that happens, then they can achieve things beyond their wildest imaginations. Lori Senecal went on to run plenty of businesses in the world of advertising. She is also someone who speaks on the media about different topics which include running a business. Lori Senecal is an inspiration to many people who deal with shyness and other conditions that can make it a challenge in their daily lives.



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