Now more than ever pet owners are demanding better quality food for their beloved pets. Pet food companies are making the shift from preservative ladened kibbles, treats, and canned foods. The quality of the fresh ingredients are amazing. Fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, and whole grains are all included in the new food selections available. Organic,Read more »

Generally, all assisted living facilities offer their residents prepared meals three times each day. They also help with laundry and light housekeeping needs. Depending on the assisted living community, residents may have more access to amenities that feel like home. The amenities offer typically go what a facility believes is important to residents. That’s whyRead more »

You will find pet food manufacturer, Freshpet Inc. in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. One of the most important things to its CEO, Richard Thompson, is ensuring the top quality and freshness of company products. To this end, he will often tour the manufacturing room to inspect their pet food. His manufacturing chief, Michael Hieger, is so confidentRead more »

Dogs have held a special place in the hearts of millions for many years. The bond between owner and pet has become even more evident as more owners opt for premium healthy pet foods. Growth in premium pet food sales has encouraged more companies to expand into healthier pet foods. A more recent newcomer toRead more »

Gone are the days when people used to complain and sing about their mobile phone carriers being inadequate in terms of poor customer service, poor internet speeds or even being overly expensive. These days, one can migrate from one mobile carrier to the next easily and more cheaply different with a few years back. EvenRead more »

Since its inception in 1984, the CCMP Company which deals with Capital Advisory assignments has grown to be a reputable private firm specializing I capital growth, private equity funds and leveraged buyout. It was incepted as Chemical Ventures Partners to solely serve as the Chemical Bank’s division in venture capital and private equity. This wasRead more »

Nicki Minaj recently raised controversy over her 19th December performance in Angola. The event was organized by the Countries President Dos Santos. Speaking of the event, Nikki was certain that the event was to defend the rights of black woman everywhere. It was an empowerment meeting and should be treated as such. To support herRead more »

Unfortunately, many marriages end in divorce. The bliss and happiness that a couple experiences while they are dating and enjoying the first couple of months after their marriage at times can quickly turn to bitterness, anger and hate. There are many reasons why a marriage may not turn out the way either party may haveRead more »

One of the top companies that specializes in network operating systems is Coriant. this particular company is perfect for businesses that involve e-commerce transaction as Coriant is a company that enables cloud-based networks. The company was officially established in 2013 as a result of an innovative initiative from other members in the information technology industry.Read more »

The real estate market in New York is experiencing amazing growth, according to a recent article that appeared on The Real Deal . However, this rapid growth has led to a rapid decline in the number of prime real estate properties that are for rent, lease, or sale. The prime properties are also considered luxuryRead more »

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